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Comments on this photo:

Apr 09 2010 14:17 GMT verarenm
WOW!!!!!!!! and there was light!
Like a biblical passage.
Apr 09 2010 17:35 GMT skyball
Thank you for those words Vera,,,,
Apr 09 2010 20:28 GMT Annamaria
Sooo many different sky-views!! Every time another great one, Skyball! ;-)
Apr 10 2010 02:23 GMT Studio88
A Sunburst - Magnificent Rays ;-)
Apr 10 2010 08:16 GMT sini
Great light!:)
Apr 10 2010 08:38 GMT skyball
Thank you Anna,,,hope you enjoyed your break...
Apr 10 2010 08:39 GMT skyball
Thank you S88...
Apr 10 2010 08:39 GMT skyball
Thank you Sini.....
Apr 10 2010 10:35 GMT onichek
Beautiful sky!
Apr 10 2010 12:16 GMT skyball
Thank you Onichek.....
Apr 10 2010 12:35 GMT charlie26
Wow, impressive sky and superb shot.
Apr 10 2010 13:30 GMT skyball
Thanks again Charlie....
Apr 11 2010 15:56 GMT SIGMUND
excellent picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 11 2010 19:12 GMT skyball
Thank you Sigmund....
Apr 12 2010 03:48 GMT littleweaver
Excellent sky series to see and to imagine because every photo has incredible drawings!
Apr 12 2010 13:01 GMT skyball
I am not quite sure what you mean by incredible drawings?..perhaps you would be so kind as to explain!!!!...
Apr 13 2010 21:30 GMT littleweaver
Thanks skyball. The drawings of the clouds in sky... the sword, a chubby doll and others......lol
Apr 14 2010 09:39 GMT skyball

Thanks for coming back with your opinions,i am sorry that you think that way.i take
photos i am not an artist, if i was i would be making money painting not wasting time sharing photos which i do for pleasure not for money.. I am also sure there are enough photographic experts on these boards and in F.T.that would have said something to me if they thought like you...i would appreciate any other comments on this issue from any photographic experts, or F,T. Thank you.
Apr 16 2010 22:38 GMT littleweaver
I am sorry if I could not communicate enough. I meant the drawing formed by clouds in the sky. Since I was a kid I liked to find designs in the sky. I just found a few in your photos.
Apr 17 2010 09:37 GMT skyball
if you are apologising...i accept your apology..skyball.
Apr 20 2010 13:26 GMT palakol
Heavenly shot.. c",)
Apr 21 2010 08:31 GMT skyball
Thank you.P;
May 01 2010 02:11 GMT littleweaver
Ok, thank you. I add just the sky is a perfect place to look and for our imagination!
May 01 2010 08:42 GMT skyball
I understand....