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Tags so sad


the love of my life, my dear partner, is deceased at our hoilidays in Spain...I am soooo sad..
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 25 2011 05:45 GMT MargNZ
Sini this is so unbelievable .... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Jul 25 2011 06:39 GMT FLUMP
My heart felt thoughts are with you all
Jul 25 2011 06:44 GMT hans55 PRO
very sad news dear Sini ... this should not happen during a holiday ..my thoughts are with you !!
Jul 25 2011 07:23 GMT Annamaria
Sini...that is terrible!! My deepest sympathy for you and your family......
Jul 25 2011 07:35 GMT u40
Jul 25 2011 07:51 GMT Foggydew
terrible news - my deepest sympathy.
Jul 25 2011 08:35 GMT marioalbertina
I'm sorry for this sad event ......
Condolences Sini...... :(
Jul 25 2011 09:20 GMT clintonfolks
my condolences to you sini.
Jul 25 2011 09:26 GMT hallo
This is really sad news...I wish you well sini, please look after yourself!
Jul 25 2011 10:38 GMT teddybear2
sini please accept my condolences. That is so sad. My thoughts and prayers will be with you
Jul 25 2011 10:42 GMT bandsix
Oh how awful for you...even more so if it was unexpected....heartfelt thoughts are with you.
Jul 25 2011 13:40 GMT Lalbabu
Very sad,my condolences to you.
Jul 25 2011 15:11 GMT saffi9
so sad -i feel for you
Jul 25 2011 17:44 GMT psb64
thinking of you at this sad time
Jul 25 2011 17:50 GMT petzka
I am so sorry for the bad new Sini!
Accept my deep condolences!!
Jul 25 2011 17:54 GMT Lie
O, my dear sini, I'm so sorry for you.
In gedachte bij je, gecondoleerd en heel veel sterkte.
Jul 25 2011 19:35 GMT marijke06
I am so sorry I couldn't be with you that heavy day....he is in my mind...
Jul 25 2011 19:39 GMT foxhouse
I am so sorry to hear your sad news....thinking of you at this sad time...

Kindest regards,

Jul 25 2011 19:48 GMT elsje323
this is so sad news, my condolences Sini
Jul 25 2011 20:35 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Oh, that's terrible news. Sincere condolences from me, too.
Jul 26 2011 06:50 GMT senna3
Mijn deelneming Sini, ik denk dat het 't droevigste is wat je in het leven kan overkomen. Heel veel sterkte.
Jul 26 2011 07:31 GMT Pea2007
Many sincere condolences from me Sini.
Jul 26 2011 08:04 GMT Danijela
So sorry dear Sini
Jul 26 2011 12:07 GMT julie13
My deepest sympathy at this sad time, regards Julie
Jul 26 2011 17:34 GMT LizSA
so sad. please accept my condolences. Thinking of you, Sini.
Jul 26 2011 18:57 GMT beus PRO
I am sorry Sini....
Jul 26 2011 19:26 GMT lynnj04
Oh no Sini I am so sorry for your loss my thoughts are with you take care dear friend x
Jul 26 2011 19:41 GMT caferr
nice composition...
Jul 26 2011 20:18 GMT Firecrest
terrible news - my deepest sympathy,I am so sorry for you.
Jul 26 2011 20:56 GMT Ciekee
Oh sini, wat erg! Gecondoleerd en heel veel sterkte!
Jul 27 2011 01:12 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Sini. I am so sorry for your loss, you have my deepest sympathy. Please accept my condolences.!
Jul 27 2011 02:24 GMT martini957
Oh my...horrible news....what happen? Heartfelt sympathy Sini
Jul 27 2011 12:06 GMT superJoan
Dear sini...our thoughts are with you at this sad time...keep strong...and god be with you.
Jul 27 2011 12:40 GMT Donjames
My most sincere condolences Sini, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Do take care.
Jul 27 2011 13:06 GMT Papagena
My belated but heartfelt condolences Sini. I am convinced your family and friends will give a heartwarming support to you in this sad time.....
Jul 27 2011 13:22 GMT loverboy
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal Sini, Love leaves a memory no one can steal.............Tony
Jul 27 2011 13:56 GMT linnywv PRO
Oh my goodness Sini! I will keep you and your partner in my prayers. What a difficult time for you! Please accept my heartfelt sympathy.
Jul 27 2011 15:26 GMT peterpinhole
It must be a very hard time for you....so sorry to hear of your loss.
Jul 27 2011 16:05 GMT skyball
God give you strength in this time of grief Sini!!.....
Jul 27 2011 19:18 GMT abojovna PRO
Dear sini, what a terrible news I am so sorry, is very sad to lose a beloved ... accept my deepest sympathy, please! ... Claudia
Jul 28 2011 06:46 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
So sorry to hear your sad news - my thoughts are with you.
Jul 30 2011 13:50 GMT elbeaver
My sympathies. I was speechless, took me a moment to write.
Jul 30 2011 15:45 GMT Hanny50
Wat vreselijk voor je Sini, ik wens je heel veel sterkte toe de komende tijd.
Jul 30 2011 17:20 GMT anko
so sorry sini
Jul 30 2011 17:58 GMT hamid2010
so SORRY sini . my prayers are with you .
Aug 01 2011 12:57 GMT tegra
Thinking of you at this very sad time.
Aug 01 2011 18:34 GMT charlie26
Wat vreselijk Sini, ik wens je heel veel sterkte toe en gecondoleerd met dit zware verlies.
Aug 02 2011 15:26 GMT Marslima
So sorry but You've translated your sadness to a picture of extraordinary beauty. My Condolences..
Aug 03 2011 12:09 GMT geobak
Condolences Sini. Beautiful picture in his memory.
Aug 03 2011 13:31 GMT jomoud PRO
My dear friend, please accept my deepest condolances.
My thoughts are with you in this difficult time.
May he rest in peace and may you find solace in happy memories of your togethrness.
Aug 03 2011 22:46 GMT fashionmonster94
Sini, when I heard this news, I thought they were talking about you, my heart dropped, I thought you had passed away, but I read again, it would mean a lot to me to loose such a good friend like you, but it is also sad someone close to you has passed, my thoughts are with you and everyone else supporting you, be aware and take care, I am sorry for your loss, I will dedicate an old photo of mine for your loss :(
Aug 03 2011 22:51 GMT DGM
Condolence Sini.:(
Aug 03 2011 23:01 GMT megmet PRO
So sorry to hear of your sad loss, made all the worse by not being on home ground with family and friends......my thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time. Meg. xx
Aug 05 2011 01:01 GMT losp
Flowers for everybody, especially for the insects !
Beautiuflly taken & very telling indeed. Best wishes.
Aug 05 2011 08:58 GMT GeoffReeves
Sini, my sympathy and thoughts for you, and your family my dear friend.
Aug 05 2011 21:35 GMT Cooler PRO
So sad to hear my dear old friend, my heart is with you.
Aug 06 2011 20:52 GMT rosyapple PRO
I am so shocked and saddened by this news, tears are in my eyes. Sending love to you Sini x
Aug 06 2011 21:41 GMT peterw
Sini, so very sorry to hear this news. Deepest condolences.
Aug 06 2011 22:17 GMT jamby PRO
My deepest condolences to you and your family Sini!
Aug 11 2011 06:28 GMT poshbird
So sorry for your loss dear sini.
Our Heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you.
Aug 11 2011 09:41 GMT Osamadaoud1950
So sorry to hear it. May God give you strength and support.
Aug 16 2011 06:22 GMT Koren
So very sorry to read your sad news Sini, life is so fragile you and your family are in my thoughts - take care x
Aug 22 2011 16:27 GMT Riet
Dearest Sini, I didn't know about your loss until today. My heart and my thoughts are with you.........it is the worst experience in your life to loose a loved one..
It takes time to accept the facts......I am in the same position. My partner for life ( we were together for 43 years) died July 30th. I am still broken by sorrow.
It must be the same to you.........................I hope you have family and friends near you. Being alone in a house where his voice is not heard anymore, where every little thing still tells he was once with you is a terrible experience.
I think of you, take good care of yourself.
Hugs from