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Breakfast of Champions.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2012 16:37 GMT stuboy
Ha ha ha, you're in for it now mate.
Welcome to the happy club.

Doesn't take much to upset him does it ?
Aug 01 2012 17:02 GMT simon PRO
Lawks - rumbled. That's the end of the foetus smuggling racket then.

Bali's a very small island, isn't it Hunju?
Aug 01 2012 17:42 GMT stuboy
I liked it best the first time you posted it.
Aug 02 2012 00:18 GMT simon PRO
I thought the second version had a slightly more manic air.

It would appear that mental healthcare in that part of the world is somewhat inadequate.
Aug 02 2012 23:11 GMT stuboy
It's not inadequate, it's just that some poeple choose to ignore it.
Aug 08 2012 00:13 GMT simon PRO
Love the comment about my eyes. If only he knew what we'd been up to only a few hours before.
Aug 14 2012 09:15 GMT simon PRO
I see you've carefully removed the first post in which you implied that I was the sort of person who might be involved in foetus smuggling, and now you're accusing me of being a drug smuggler?

Unfortunately international law doesn't permit me to sue you for slander. I'll just have to come over to your place for tea one afternoon & we can have a little chat.
Aug 20 2012 23:39 GMT stuboy
Hey Simon, you've cupped off.
Good luck mate :)
Aug 21 2012 23:08 GMT stuboy
If you listen carefully you can hear the sound of hunju's blood boiling.
Aug 26 2012 20:02 GMT simon PRO
Now then Stu - me against an overweight 60-something Cherman. Whatcha reckon?

Or do I have to cup my way through his karate bodyguards first?