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Does anybody want to buy some luck? The decoy worked just fine.
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2012 17:19 GMT stuboy
Ah good, we managed to still get some out then.
Aug 01 2012 17:21 GMT simon PRO
Yeah, it looks as though we have a dozen of the bigger ones and 18 or so small ones.

There are a couple of loose limbs as well if anyone wants a keyring.
Aug 01 2012 20:30 GMT stuboy
Sound like the scum of Europe seem to emigrate to Bali.

Oh hang on a minute, didn't you emigrate to Bali from Europe Hunju ?
Aug 02 2012 00:31 GMT simon PRO
Wouldn't be the first time a sexagenarian German sex tourist has popped up on a tropical island. He does seem to have found that story rather quickly as well. Part of a collection?
Aug 02 2012 13:21 GMT stuboy
*Shakes head*
For the 859th time hunju, I don't live in London.
If you're going to slag me off at least get that part right.
Aug 02 2012 23:09 GMT Sketty PRO
No Stu, you've been outed as living in Simon's anus
Aug 02 2012 23:16 GMT stuboy
Is that in London ?
Aug 03 2012 21:40 GMT Sketty PRO
I hear he gets around quite a bit
Aug 04 2012 03:41 GMT stuboy
Simon, your anus is that noisy even Sketty can hear it.
Aug 05 2012 03:17 GMT simon PRO
That's not my anus, that's my exhausts.
Aug 08 2012 10:27 GMT stuboy
Dear Police.
Aug 23 2012 16:45 GMT TZounoami
fbi much look old cone style banditos simongangsta
cum tokio we pained u back like this on spciel grill fakker
Aug 26 2012 20:04 GMT simon PRO
How bizarre - Germany & Japan engaging in some sort of war together.

Superbly mangled English though, the pair of yz.

Sep 06 2012 01:20 GMT stuboy
Hunju do you have any children ?
Can we buy them off you ?
We'll give you a good price.