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Tags coca cola


Boat launch #1. Surprisingly, this heap of trash was located near the boathouse. Nothing in the heap seemed useful for boating nor fishing.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 01 2006 05:25 GMT sikobonden
Unfortunately, it will probably be there when I start collecting Social Security.
Nov 01 2006 13:15 GMT wifey
There are huge stretches of beach in The Bahamas...on far off islands like San Salvador where the flotsum and jetsum accumulate... it's quite depressing. I bet too, that that Coca-Cola item would have been worth something to someone… very collectible whilst in good shape. :)
Nov 01 2006 14:43 GMT JPHarr
It takes so little effort to do things right the first time, rather than having to do it wrong and then make it right later. And, like ~wifey~, I thought about the value of the Coke cooler in it's better days. The side panel would still be cool hung on my garage wall. Do you need my address? =)
Nov 01 2006 15:27 GMT Cascavel
You have a unique way of making garbage look kinda cool siko! Nice job.
Nov 01 2006 15:55 GMT ldhill62
like this :))
Nov 01 2006 16:25 GMT ShirKhan
Lady you make art of muck...gratulation
Nov 02 2006 13:53 GMT LizSA
The coca cola...is it a tin or a can....but the wood...make a lovely bonfire...
are you allowed to make bonfire in that area...!!!!
Nov 02 2006 14:55 GMT sikobonden
Thanks! One man's junk...
Nov 02 2006 14:56 GMT sikobonden
Danke! Danke!
Nov 02 2006 19:06 GMT marijke06
you could use it yourself?...:))
Nov 03 2006 03:15 GMT sikobonden
I would have liked to take the Coca Cola cooler home, but it was too big and rust had overtaken it.
Nov 03 2006 03:38 GMT Scarlett PRO
Stunning series !! ;))
Nov 03 2006 04:47 GMT sikobonden
Nov 06 2006 08:11 GMT saintnobody
Nov 08 2006 20:38 GMT zgooz