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15 Years - My journals (hundreds of poems)
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 30 2007 00:45 GMT emsii
30 centymetrów grzbietów zeszytów..
jak to przetłumczysz to jestes dobra :)

bardo fajna seria, oby tak dalej.
pozdrawiam emsii.
Apr 30 2007 00:54 GMT sikobonden
Wdzięczności! Moja głowa nalała myśli do książek.
Apr 30 2007 01:20 GMT juanse
well, will you share?
Apr 30 2007 02:02 GMT sikobonden
I do share bits from time to time under some photos. I'm shy about that.
Apr 30 2007 05:59 GMT marijke06
nice and colorful shot! looking forward for words from these journals
Apr 30 2007 15:13 GMT JPHarr
It's pretty incredible to have fifteen years of thoughts bound and kept upon a shelf, isn't it? Were you in the regrettable position to have only a moment to rescue one armful of personal possessions, would it be these journals?
Apr 30 2007 16:08 GMT sikobonden
Weird, JP. I actually WAS in that position. I lost my home and belongings - mementos, photos, furniture, clothing, everything - in a flood resulting from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. I rescued my journals and my cat. One journal was left behind because it was out of sight under a nightstand. Soaked and contaminated by floodwater, my mother dried, disinfected and photocopied every page. She rebound it. It's the brown one on the far right. Most of the poems are unreadable because the ink bled so badly, but it was my first journal, so it's the one I cherish most.
Apr 30 2007 19:00 GMT rosyapple PRO
Oh so therein lies your wonderful words! What an amazing tale about your mother and the hurricane - now there lies the birth of a poem if not already?
May 10 2007 04:02 GMT wifey
I used to have a journal… haven't in awhile… inspirational image.