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Comments on this photo:

Feb 21 2009 07:46 GMT sini
Great colourful collage!:)
Feb 21 2009 08:27 GMT abojovna PRO
A very good idea, nice collage, I like to visit floating market in Thailand in foggy Prague Saturday winter morning! Have a nice weekend my friend!
Feb 21 2009 09:04 GMT sider
Thank you Sini. ;))
Feb 21 2009 09:37 GMT sider
Yep, Claudia. Flating market on saturday and sunday in morning many distributors or farmers start in early. I like to visit for move to a new environment from Bangkok to upcountry for relax or buy fresh fruit,vegetable without insecticide, food or sweet.And love to close the nature. :))
Feb 21 2009 09:54 GMT sider
Welcome Joe. Thank you so much. :D
Feb 21 2009 10:06 GMT PaP67
good proposal for the tourist office !
Feb 21 2009 11:02 GMT sider
I think so Pap, Thank you. :-))
Feb 21 2009 11:16 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful and interesting collage ;-)))
Feb 21 2009 11:41 GMT yvon
Fantastic We have been there with our children Nice to see it back
Feb 22 2009 01:21 GMT losp
Life on waters so much fun, challenging, beautiful & happy .. Great collage
of their little, clean economic activities VS the gigantic dirty financial market
in Wall Street, New York .. Yes, go for natural forested lands and not for those
concrete jungles in the cities => best wishes to Sider in rural/countryside living !
Feb 22 2009 05:31 GMT sider
Thank you Cooler. :))
Feb 22 2009 05:33 GMT sider
Welcome Yvon, I like them's ways and love to see. Thank you for comment. :D
Feb 22 2009 05:49 GMT sider
Look very easy life, friendly uprightly and fairly, with out pollution,sufficiency economy and retreat from concrete jungles.
Thank you Losp. :))
Feb 22 2009 12:35 GMT Studio88
Fascinating Floating Market Collage - I've been there, came by long boat ;-))
Feb 22 2009 13:12 GMT sider
Yep, floating market is interesting by tourist and many people. Good memory for you.
I love that place becouse of friendly not easy to see in concrete jungles or big cities that higth competition social. Thank you Studio. ':))
Feb 22 2009 15:12 GMT Dorado
Nice image!
Feb 22 2009 15:51 GMT sider
Thank you Dorado. ':))
Feb 22 2009 20:01 GMT Tom33
The original markets are a great place to buy food. The newer ones
seem only to cater to tourists. Either way, they are a great attraction.
Feb 25 2009 08:32 GMT LizSA
a beautiful colourful collage... how can one not be interested....!!

thx for the comment and good wishes on our baby grandson...
Feb 25 2009 15:10 GMT sider
Right. I think so Tom. Thank you so much. :))
Feb 25 2009 15:13 GMT sider
:)) Thank you so much Lizsa. ':))
Mar 02 2009 15:01 GMT verarenm
Oh great collage. Very beautiful floating market!
Mar 15 2009 12:05 GMT Lalbabu
In this collage you have shown us varities,very nice.
Mar 22 2009 17:41 GMT otilia
this is my favourite
Mar 23 2009 00:28 GMT sider
Thank you so much dear.... ':D
Mar 29 2009 02:44 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful collage ka!
I always love "that" floating market. ;)))

คุณตู่อย่าทำงานมากไปนะ เดี๋ยวเหี่ยวเฉา lol หาเวลาพักหรือไม่ก็แอบหนีงานมาเล่นบ้ างค่ะ
หน้าร้อนนี้ร้อนมากเกินไป รักษาสุขภาพด้วยนะคะ :))
Jul 29 2009 04:31 GMT bluefam
so lovely all.
Jul 29 2009 14:15 GMT sider
Yep, me too Bluefam. I feel it a wonder life, easy and friendly. Thank you my friend.