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My very beautiful niece Bernadette got married to Aidan at the weekend,...congratulations to them both,...a lovely couple,....
The weekend was brilliant,...but...
The honeymoon is now delayed because of a Hurricane hitting the States...
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 29 2012 15:31 GMT Petermosull
Beautiful wedding image Joe, and the Alter looks beautiful too, love those paintings, I bet you had a Bullmers or three to celebrate
Oct 29 2012 15:36 GMT sheasoru68
Thanks Peter,...you are right about the alter,..I made a similar comment myself,..it cost in the region of 40,000e....a lot of Bulmers,...and Guinness,....the crack was mighty though...some real characters....
Oct 29 2012 15:54 GMT Bellavista
Congrats to the nice couple!! She is like a Princess!
don't worry about the honeymoon.....the happiness is in our heart wherever we are!
and... hmmm.....what a sweet kiss....!! :-))
Oct 29 2012 16:07 GMT sheasoru68
Thank you Bea,...a lovely worded comment...:-)
Oct 29 2012 16:28 GMT elsje323
congratulations to a lovely couple
Oct 29 2012 16:35 GMT 25barb
What a beautiful church and what a beautiful pose for your niece...She is a stunning bride and he a handsome groom. I love her gown and her veil is spectacular..
They truly do look like royalty.. What a time you must have had...I am assuming Bulmers is a beer also. This is a time for celebration and know that it was a magnificent time for all.
I hope that they will be able to come to the states soon and hope their destination is not in the areas where damage might have happened.
This is a big one - storm..
Oct 29 2012 18:39 GMT Annamaria
My congratulations to the happy couple!! She realy is a beautiful bride!

Nature always be stronger then people. I had to make many new reservations on later dates in my job today... all flights cancelled!!
Oct 29 2012 19:18 GMT sheasoru68
Thank you very much Ida..:-))
Oct 29 2012 19:19 GMT sheasoru68
Thank you as always Barb.,...such a lovely tribute,...yes Bulmers is a cider...
Oct 29 2012 19:20 GMT sheasoru68
Thank you Anna,...very much,...I really hope that this storm passes quickly and without loss of life or destruction...
Oct 29 2012 19:52 GMT saffi9
the shot radiates happiness great work
Oct 29 2012 22:41 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful wedding picture..Joe..The bride looks awesome...:-))
Oct 29 2012 23:14 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely picture, Joe. Bernadette is a radiant bride! Were you the official wedding photographer?
Oct 30 2012 08:45 GMT sheasoru68
Thanks Dave,...it was a great day.
Oct 30 2012 08:45 GMT sheasoru68
Thank you very much Wijnie,..she was amazing.
Oct 30 2012 08:47 GMT sheasoru68
Thank you Sylvia,..no,..a group of professional Photographer's were booked for the day,..way too much pressure for me to take on...but thanks very much for asking...:-))
Oct 30 2012 09:05 GMT MargNZ
My warm congratulations to the happy couple Joe. You must have felt very proud of this lovely young lady. Her gown is stunning .
The honeymoon can wait .... they have the rest of their lives to enjoy :)
Oct 30 2012 09:15 GMT sheasoru68
Thank you very much Marg.,..yes she was and is incredible,..the good news is that they will travel on re-scheduled flights on Wednesday...:-))
Oct 31 2012 17:34 GMT Papagena
There is nothing else to add !! Margaret has already said what can be said !! ;+))
Oct 31 2012 22:56 GMT julie13
A beautiful bride, such a lovely wedding pic.
Nov 01 2012 07:35 GMT legs4daze PRO
what a great day that must have been, surrounded by family and love. ahh, bulmer's... never did take a fancy to guinness (no offense to EVERY irishman) but bulmer's and i got along real well ;o)))))
Nov 01 2012 09:22 GMT clintonfolks
lovely photo.!