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This Nicoli and oleg. These is rssian dudes what live in the aportment acrossed the street. They had just stoled all these toy from the salvationarmy give a toy boxes in the city and then they had christmsa party in they aportment and they gave all the stolened toys to russian people. When i seened thisand they toled this story i stole they soul. I put Sisco in my Eggnog and got drunk DRUNK DRUNKKKK! I was shouting YOU RUSSIANS IS THIEVES. . STRAIGHIT UP THIEVEN RUSSIANS. Nicolai and Oleg grab and start punch my face and ribs and the whole party kick me in my buttocks. I was screaming IS THE COLD WAR !!! even with they fist in my mouthh iw as screaming ?ITS THE COLD WAR AGAIN!!!! then they kicke d me down the stairs and i couldnt fine my aportment so i slept on thegrass under the losangels sign and wait for the public libary to open. its cold. merrychristmas
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Dec 18 2006 00:41 GMT LateNightTV
I didn't know there was a Los Angeles sign.