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Myanmar (Burma), Nyaung Shwe Village, March 2012
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 10 2012 12:35 GMT 25barb
I guess we find this kind of situation in all countries and always feel sadness for the person. You captured it so well with great sensitivity
Very well framed - as if you wanted to enclose him with your caring and kindness.
Sep 10 2012 12:42 GMT senna3
Yes Barbara, also in Amsterdam you can see this.
But the remarkable thing was that we had seen this man earlier in the morning at the Nyaung Shwe market where he and a woman (perhaps his wife?) bought fruit and other things. So we were very much surprised to see him an hour later sleeping at the street!
Sep 10 2012 13:41 GMT mbz
Sep 10 2012 13:50 GMT junne PRO
that is freedom :-)))
Sep 10 2012 13:51 GMT Lalbabu
Peter I think having bought fruit & other items he sent his wife home with all those things and afterwards got drowsy & taking a nap on the street (please see a shot uploaded by junne).
Sep 10 2012 14:10 GMT ujbanyiv
So Sadly...
Dramatic "Picture of Life" Photo.
Sep 10 2012 15:18 GMT hallo
No tax problems :)
Sep 10 2012 17:19 GMT elsje323
great captured but a picture of life indeed and you see this everywhere
Sep 11 2012 00:07 GMT porph
It's life, the most avoidable part for anyone to understand...
Sep 11 2012 04:08 GMT martini957
Nap where and while you can : ))
Sep 11 2012 05:31 GMT Squirrel PRO
Excellent people photo !!!
Sep 11 2012 06:56 GMT senna3
Soumen, I guess you meant Junne's picture of the sleeping man on the sunbed?
Al least it was a more convenient place to sleep!
Sep 11 2012 06:57 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the kind comments!
Sep 11 2012 09:18 GMT skyball
A man and his dreams!!...great catch!!!!!!......
Sep 11 2012 13:27 GMT Lalbabu
Yes I agree with you but here in India we are accustomed to see such persons sleeping on street as you have posted.
Sep 11 2012 19:52 GMT Riet
Not a very nice place to take a nap.............
Sep 12 2012 06:13 GMT senna3
Thank you Geoff.
Sep 24 2012 17:16 GMT charlie26
Very touching image.