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Dog manners
Netherlands, Amsterdam, Beatrixpark, Sept. 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 05 2011 14:41 GMT wijnie58
Three on a row. Nice Catch
Sep 05 2011 14:57 GMT abojovna PRO
Ha ha those are fun! Excelent photo!
Sep 05 2011 15:06 GMT Marslima
Sep 05 2011 15:20 GMT larrybenedict
Looks like they are checking each others identity. It's no telling just how much information a dog gets from this practice. Guess we'll never know....
Sep 05 2011 15:46 GMT bandsix
this is a fantatstic shot Peter....glad I'm not a dog :))
Sep 05 2011 15:47 GMT kazzy49
nice shot Peter
Sep 05 2011 15:52 GMT elsje323
funny shot
Sep 05 2011 16:08 GMT nicnic1978xx
ha ha great catch
Sep 05 2011 16:18 GMT Papagena
It looks like a funny train composition but the locomotive has certainly not enough power !! ;^))
Sep 05 2011 16:41 GMT hallo
Nosy :))
Sep 05 2011 16:43 GMT rock
Really funny!
Sep 05 2011 17:23 GMT h43
This is very comical Peter. I just wonder what each of them are thinking!!
Sep 05 2011 17:28 GMT yvon
we maken eerst even een treintje!
Sep 05 2011 18:23 GMT Bigbear10
Great capture ,one not to be sniffed at
Sep 06 2011 04:19 GMT Lucky222
There is a gland located under their tail that is basically like an identification sticker. By smelling it a dog can know the sex of the other dog, the age, the health, the pack status, the personality, how many dogs it lives with.. and some other things.

Possibly, both your dog and your aunts dog were acting dominant, and were fighting over who was to be leader.

I noticed that they indeed do that..
Got above note from the internet.
Sep 06 2011 05:27 GMT legs4daze PRO
That was great! Super funny photo, fun to read the comments.
Sep 06 2011 09:03 GMT senna3
Thanks for the interesting information Lucky!
Sep 06 2011 09:04 GMT senna3
Thank you all for your nice comments!
Sep 07 2011 05:04 GMT Lucky222
Thank You Senna, you have very interesting photos.