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Sint Jan Basilica Minor anno 1924
Netherlands, Laren, Febr. 2007

My entry for Architecture Friday, March 1, 2007
Only 12 churches in the Netherlands are allowed to carry the name "Basilica Minor". Although this church is not an old one, it is quite famous. Its architect was Wolter te Riele. The two towers are 50 m high and are a landmark in Laren and its surroundings (Laren is a village 30 km east of Amsterdam).
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 01 2007 18:17 GMT Arik77
Beautiful cathedral !
Mar 01 2007 18:35 GMT hallo
Wonderful Dom and nice entry
Mar 01 2007 18:44 GMT hans55 PRO
churches sure have "something" he ...very good captured !!
Mar 01 2007 18:47 GMT kella
una foto superba
Mar 01 2007 19:56 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks for sharing Peter
Mar 01 2007 21:43 GMT backstreets PRO
Excellent entry...a beautiful photo !!
Mar 01 2007 23:11 GMT alhoafun
lovely colours and church
Mar 01 2007 23:40 GMT sini
Great architecture shot and entry!
Mar 02 2007 03:12 GMT jomoud PRO
Excellent entry and very interesting information
Mar 02 2007 06:51 GMT senna3
Grazie Kella.
Mar 02 2007 07:56 GMT senna3
Thank you Arik.
Mar 02 2007 07:59 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Mar 02 2007 08:03 GMT senna3
Thank you Hallo.
Mar 02 2007 08:06 GMT senna3
Thank you Hans.
Mar 02 2007 09:17 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful and interesting shot ! Great details !
Great entry ! :))
Mar 02 2007 09:25 GMT senna3
Thank you Backstreets.
Mar 02 2007 09:30 GMT senna3
Thank you Alhoafun.
Mar 02 2007 09:46 GMT senna3
Thank you Jomoud.
Mar 02 2007 12:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Poulet.
Mar 02 2007 14:16 GMT LizSA
I love anything with two towers.....great architecture....
it would sureley be much different in the summer months....with those
huge trees..!!.
Mar 02 2007 15:03 GMT senna3
Liz, in summer time it is difficult to take a picture unless you have a wide angle lens, so that you take it standing right in front of the church. But then you have the problem of the cars that are also parked in front of the church. I hate cars in front of a beautiful building! In this picture, these cars are hidden behind the green bushes, but at the left they are still visible.
Mar 02 2007 16:57 GMT jamby PRO
i hate cold and dark days but then again there's this charm of the winter season that i learned to adopt and love...while biking everyday going to work..i always look up to the branches and structure of the empty trees and its very fine twigs...anyways...what i am saying is..i love the image of these three trees in front of the chruch just the way they are....beautiful lightings on this capture by the way...great entry my friend!!
Mar 02 2007 18:19 GMT senna3
We seem to have two things in common: 1. Being born in Indonesia, I was conditioned for the sun, so I too hate the cold dark days, 2. I like to bike very much!
The Netherlands are such a bicycle-friendly country, that it offers some compensation for its wet and chilly climate!
Mar 02 2007 18:40 GMT AlisonBC
Lovely entry, and great information.
Mar 02 2007 19:51 GMT Mafernandes
great pic
Mar 02 2007 20:58 GMT Pam
It's really quite a young building for a Church, but it has such character
Mar 03 2007 07:29 GMT senna3
Thank you Alison.
Mar 03 2007 07:45 GMT senna3
Thank you Mafernandes.
Mar 03 2007 07:57 GMT senna3
I fully agree Pam. I often pass this church on bike tours and I am always impressed by its "personality"!
Mar 03 2007 09:33 GMT Detalhes
very beautiful
Mar 03 2007 10:17 GMT senna3
Thank you Detalhes.
Mar 04 2007 03:54 GMT karlbark
Nice addition for architecturefriday
...and interesting information.

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Mar 04 2007 07:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Karl.
Mar 04 2007 21:24 GMT xevirbs
Impressive building. Great contribution.
Mar 05 2007 09:40 GMT senna3
Thank you Xevirbs.
Mar 26 2007 15:00 GMT Nakolezestodoly
Very nice photograph.
Dec 31 2007 12:38 GMT doramandragora
Thanks, Peter, for directing me here. From this angle the Basilica looks even more impressive.. especially with the two trees in front of the two towers.