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Senna 2, 11 weeks old, with our poodle
Netherlands, Bussum, Sept. 1989
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 13 2006 17:00 GMT tacka
Senna 2 is gorgeousa dogy, I like this bern dogs so cute and friendly ... they both like shoes ... :)))
Nov 13 2006 17:01 GMT corainna
hahahahahahaa!!!! i have a full colection of this kaind of new fashion shoose! karma doit, bella doit too and last yar a street dog Markos doit to us! hahahah! then i am not the only oane who have this kaind of shoose!:):):):):looke to your dogs how happy they are for the greate ,,work,, ! hahahaha
Nov 13 2006 18:53 GMT senna3
Our shoes were never safe with these dogs. So we offered them their own shoes.
Nov 13 2006 18:56 GMT senna3
They were very happy indeed, Corina, when they got shoes that they were allowed to mutilate as they liked!
Nov 13 2006 19:04 GMT eScargo PRO
Lovely picture - is the puppy a bernesse?
Nov 13 2006 19:34 GMT Elly
Senna 2 had wel een heel ander hoofd dan Senna 1.
Lekker ondeugend stel. Was het een middenslag poedel?
Nov 13 2006 19:58 GMT senna3
Thanks eScargo. Yes, she is a Bernersenne. I think that is the same as a Bernesse.
Nov 13 2006 20:02 GMT senna3
Ja ze waren wel verschillend van uiterlijk, maar het karakter was bijna identiek! Curly was een middenslag poedel en is altijd de baas gebleven. Senna mocht pas eten wanneer Curly klaar was! Maar ze konden niet buiten elkaar.
Nov 13 2006 20:38 GMT annaschnitfink
Great picture of two marvellous dogs and their toy!!! :-)))))!
Nov 13 2006 22:41 GMT eScargo PRO
Our neighbour used to have one - Rinty. Sadly she has died but the dog has been taken in by a couple who have always loved Bernese.

Nov 14 2006 00:13 GMT Macfudge
GREAT couple! They will provide hours/days of enjoyment!
Nov 14 2006 15:03 GMT senna3
Rinty is a beautiful Bernesse! Thanks for the link.
Nov 14 2006 15:06 GMT senna3
Thank you Anna.
Nov 14 2006 15:13 GMT senna3
Yes they were very fond on each other and we too liked them both equally, but their characters were completely different. The poodle had a cat-like character and Senna 2 (as well as Senna 1) lived to be together with people. Through the years she became my alter ego!
Nov 14 2006 19:56 GMT senna3
Thank you Juultje.