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At the market of Chauk
Myanmar (Burma), Chauk, March 2012

I was asked for the name of the vegetables shown in the market view two pictures back. Here is a close-up of that mysterious vegetable. Perhaps it gives someone a clue?

Lalbabu came with the following comment: "These are betel leaves which grow abunduntly in India, Bangladesh & Burma. People of these countries used to chew these leaves with some mixture of ingradients. There are two types of leaves sweet & spicy."

Thanks Soumen!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 07 2012 13:02 GMT georgygirl2
very unusual!
Oct 07 2012 13:29 GMT skyball
Spirals of leaves!!:-))
Oct 07 2012 14:40 GMT doramandragora
Looks like wreaths of spinach leaves to me.
Oct 07 2012 14:52 GMT hans55 PRO
very nice presented !
Oct 07 2012 14:52 GMT Lalbabu
Peter these are betel leaves which grow abunduntly in India,Bangladesh & Burma.People of these countries used to chew these leaves with some mixture of ingradients.There are two types of leaves sweet & spicy.
Oct 07 2012 15:02 GMT sini
So special! Great close-up!:)
Oct 07 2012 15:32 GMT senna3
Thanks for the extensive comment Soumen, I will add it in the caption above.
Oct 07 2012 15:36 GMT senna3
My wife had the same idea Doris. Meanwhile Lalbabu informed us that these are betel leaves (see his comment above).
Oct 07 2012 15:57 GMT bandsix
Thank you for posting this close-up and an explanation of what they are, Peter!
Oct 07 2012 18:36 GMT fhelsing PRO
That's a beautiful display!
Oct 07 2012 19:40 GMT wijnie58
Perfect shot..:-))
Oct 07 2012 19:40 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Neatly stacked !!!!
Oct 07 2012 20:09 GMT annieann PRO
a great shot
Oct 07 2012 20:36 GMT Lie
When you see someone chew it, he or she has a red mouth and also red teeth....
Mooie gestapeld die blaadjes en heb je het zelf geprobeerd ??? Kauwen bedoel ik hoor...
Oct 07 2012 20:57 GMT Myshots
Interesting vegetable, great notes and shot , super find....
Oct 07 2012 21:57 GMT rob22stan
Very interesting shot
Oct 07 2012 22:11 GMT MargNZ
Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to arrange the leaves . Interesting photo Peter :)
Oct 07 2012 23:17 GMT junne PRO
that must take a lot of time to stack them one by one in such neat piles.
Oct 08 2012 03:04 GMT potterjo
I can't imagine stacking them, very artful.
Oct 08 2012 07:20 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I was thinking the same thing - but it does make a very appealing choice!
Oct 08 2012 08:11 GMT senna3
Thank you all for the nice comments!
Oct 08 2012 13:05 GMT Lalbabu
Lie has rightly commented for what results after chewing these leaves.
Oct 08 2012 13:08 GMT Lalbabu
Gunter it's simply practice,you can't imagine how quickly the sellers stack them.
Oct 09 2012 18:55 GMT martini957
Down right cool
Oct 11 2012 14:30 GMT senna3
Thank you Nancy.
Feb 14 2013 03:48 GMT bluefam
very interesting.