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Myanmar (Burma), Indain River, March 2012

Tonight I saw at the page of Ellymerz the picture
About a month later I took a quite similar picture standing at the very same Indain bridge!
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Comments on this photo:

May 07 2012 17:51 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Superb picture and a fascinating insight into a very different way of life.
May 07 2012 17:53 GMT bandsix
How amazing that you both have almost the same image!
May 07 2012 18:12 GMT julie13
I looked at both pictures, it is incredible. :)
May 07 2012 18:18 GMT happysnaper
Brilliant image Peter.
May 07 2012 18:37 GMT 25barb
An awesome and magnificent photos. Your photos have been extraordinary.
Love this one very much.
May 07 2012 18:59 GMT hans55 PRO
great pictures of a great country ...thanks for sharing them with us !!
May 07 2012 19:05 GMT skyball
A lovely educational series Peter!!...an eyeopener to other peoples culture!!!!!.......
May 07 2012 20:22 GMT wijnie58
WOW what a fantastic picture...:-))
May 07 2012 20:28 GMT annaschnitfink
It is a must to look at this one in original size! To my faves, dear Senna: what a picture.
May 07 2012 20:30 GMT annaschnitfink
I've just looked at the other Myanmar picture, but ... yours is more beautiful dear Senna.
It is striking though that you both stood in the very same spot taking the shot!!!
May 07 2012 21:23 GMT Pea2007
A perfect capture Peter.
May 07 2012 22:31 GMT larrybenedict
This is a super nice photo Peter. Nice dynamic range for a non-hdr photo.
May 08 2012 01:11 GMT T1MELESS PRO
This a great shot Peter it has great clarity and should only be seen in the original !!!!!
May 08 2012 01:33 GMT peterpinhole
Interesting water craft and an excellent photo in original size.
May 08 2012 02:14 GMT martini957
May 08 2012 03:09 GMT fhelsing PRO
That is a lovely place!
May 08 2012 03:11 GMT junne PRO
it happened once long time ago with me and hmbpa, we both took a shot of a roof in a mountain area of yunnan. almost identical.
May 08 2012 05:31 GMT senna3
Thanks a lot for your nice comment Anna, and also for the favourite!
May 08 2012 06:05 GMT anko
great pic!
May 08 2012 06:08 GMT senna3
Thank you Anko.
May 08 2012 14:14 GMT Lalbabu
Looking at the two shots in original I think there is a difference in perspective,whereas in Ellymerz's there is lot of grounds on the left rather than on the right where daily life chores is performed.As per this shot there is grounds on the left but it is well balanced with the right side which shows a lot of daily life on the river.
May 08 2012 19:44 GMT HMBPA PRO
May 08 2012 19:54 GMT Cooler PRO
Wonderful shot here Peter, also nice to see and compare the other shots ;-)
May 08 2012 22:21 GMT aquiles PRO
MAGNÍFICO SHOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 09 2012 03:03 GMT beady
interesting image
May 09 2012 16:50 GMT senna3
Thanks to evryone for viewing and for the nice comments!
May 23 2012 15:27 GMT bluefam