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Myanmar (Burma), Bagan, March 2012

As Junne remarked in his comment below, this young woman belongs to the tribe of the Long Neck People. We were told that she is a member of an almost mythical Burmese-Thai tribal group the Pa Dong Karen. Women of the tribe have worn ornamental brass rings for centuries. Although the exact reasons have been lost in the myths of time, the end result is world famous. Like many tribes in Africa, they endeavor to stretch their necks, slowly, a ring at a time.
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 08 2012 10:54 GMT junne PRO
looks like the long neck people ?
Oct 08 2012 11:21 GMT senna3
That is true G√ľnter!
Oct 08 2012 13:29 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful image, Peter..!!
Oct 08 2012 13:36 GMT abojovna PRO
Very interesting tradition and photo!
Oct 08 2012 13:52 GMT rob22stan
Interesting story and great portrait.
Oct 08 2012 14:05 GMT hans55 PRO
very interresting .... is that good for your health ??
Oct 08 2012 14:41 GMT senna3
I don't think so Hans, but it has become a touristic attraction and that means money!
We too paid for taking photographs!
Oct 08 2012 18:26 GMT marioalbertina
Very interesting !
Oct 08 2012 21:20 GMT Lie
Lovely shot....
Oct 09 2012 03:04 GMT hallo
Interesting work!
Oct 09 2012 04:42 GMT Annamaria
Some old traditions!
Oct 09 2012 13:24 GMT bandsix
I think you probably got your money's worth Peter! She looks to be weaving some sort of decoration...no doubt they were for sale as well?
Oct 09 2012 14:41 GMT Myshots
Stunning image..sharp and clear, with fantastic notes.............
Oct 09 2012 15:16 GMT sini
Great portrait!:)
Oct 09 2012 16:41 GMT senna3
Yes Barbara, they were and we saw people buying shawls and table cloth.
Oct 09 2012 18:53 GMT martini957
Very interesting
Oct 09 2012 20:19 GMT TinaRTiller
Interesting shot!
Oct 10 2012 05:49 GMT pauli3522
is she a kind of people who use rings around the neck to make it longer??
Oct 10 2012 05:57 GMT senna3
That is right Paulina!
Oct 10 2012 05:59 GMT pauli3522
mmmmmmmm...poor girl...but...it seems that culture is very strong in this people
Oct 10 2012 08:50 GMT MargNZ
Interesting cultural tradition Peter . She has a pretty face :)
Oct 10 2012 10:16 GMT skyball
Interesting shot of a busy young lady Peter!!..i dont know about the tradition though!!:-))
Oct 10 2012 12:47 GMT 25barb
Wonderful and interesting notes. It seems as though they are keeping the history alive.
An excellent photo with great colors and lighting. Superb composition and she does have a lovely, but intent looking, face.
An excellent photo...
Oct 10 2012 17:11 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL AND INTERESTING SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Oct 10 2012 18:39 GMT Pea2007
Beautiful and interesting capture Peter.
Oct 11 2012 13:53 GMT Cronos1
Very interesting ! (I know about this tribe from "Discovery channel" ). Great portrait !
Oct 11 2012 14:38 GMT senna3
Thanks to all for the kind comments!