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Myanmar (Burma), Yangon, Inya Lake Hotel, March 2012

Many guesses were very close, but Bellavista, SuperJoan and Lalbabu had the correct answer, i.e. a Buddha Footprint.
This print contains 108 illustrations which seem to be transliterations from the Burmese Pali script texts. In Bagan (Burma), all footprints contain 108 auspicious illustrations. Current knowledge of the existing texts suggests that only Pali texts were used in Bagan to create the footprints. During the Bagan Period (B.E.: 1583 to 1830; A.D.: 1040 to 1287), most of the several thousands of pairs of Buddha footprints were prepared, painted and embellished: http://www.dralbani.com/buddhafootprint/introduction.html
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 06 2012 16:11 GMT hallo
Very nice entry...whatever!
Sep 06 2012 16:40 GMT ForestSpirit
Don't know what, but it's very decorative!
Sep 06 2012 16:54 GMT saffi9
dont know i thought it was a sim card on the thumb
Sep 06 2012 17:01 GMT elsje323
great entry, I think it's art
Sep 06 2012 17:43 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful photo full of symbols! Very nice work and entry!
Sep 06 2012 17:51 GMT Icandoit
Sep 06 2012 17:51 GMT TinaRTiller
It must be art. ^_^
Sep 06 2012 17:55 GMT marijke06
burma story? ....nice one btw !:)
Sep 06 2012 19:01 GMT skyball
Almost digital art!!..nice shot!!!!!!........
Sep 06 2012 19:11 GMT Foggydew
Sep 06 2012 19:12 GMT 25barb
whatever it is, it is most gorgeous.. wonderful details and the lighting is perfect
Full screen is perfect.
An amazing and spectacular photo
Love it...
Sep 06 2012 19:40 GMT Papagena
Stunning entry Peter !! For me it looks like a kind of pictogrammes (?).....
Sep 06 2012 19:41 GMT Riet
Leaded window?
Sep 06 2012 20:08 GMT Bellavista
Calender? .....or a microchip of Buddha's footprint? ;-)
Sep 06 2012 20:42 GMT hans55 PRO
interresting picture ...part of a window ?
Sep 07 2012 00:03 GMT rainbow71
Some sort of game?, very beautiful.
Sep 07 2012 02:07 GMT jomoud PRO
No idea what it is exactly
based on the figures I would giuess some sort of prayer art or eastern astrological signs.
Whatever it is Peter, it is gorgeous
Have a fabulous weekend
Sep 07 2012 03:29 GMT mellie
Very unusual and beautiful; reminds me of the hand of god.
Sep 07 2012 03:50 GMT fhelsing PRO
a lovely entry!
Sep 07 2012 07:12 GMT sunrise99
so interesting rebus...!
Sep 07 2012 10:38 GMT linnywv PRO
I don't know what this is, but it's fabulous! What a work of art!
Sep 07 2012 10:57 GMT superJoan
I think this is the reclining buddhas foot detail....
Sep 07 2012 11:38 GMT Elly
Great art. i love it.
Sep 07 2012 14:09 GMT Lalbabu
It's Lord Buddhas foot with zodical signs !!!!!!
Sep 07 2012 15:34 GMT senna3
Many thanks for the nice comments on the above “What is that” entry. The guesses ‘Burma story’, ‘hand of God’ and ‘rebus’ were close, but Bellavista, SuperJoan and Lalbabu gave the correct answer. I will include some information on Buddha Footprints in the caption.
Sep 07 2012 16:41 GMT Bellavista
Sep 07 2012 18:59 GMT sini
It's beautiful!:)
Oct 02 2012 14:10 GMT doramandragora
Peter, thank you very much for your note. I can't send private messages from here at the moment. I just wanted to tell you that I am fine. And I hope you are, too.
Oct 02 2012 14:24 GMT senna3
I am glad to read your comment above Doris.
Also thanks for your many other kind comments!