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Siesta time
Myanmar (Burma), Yangon (Rangoon), March 2012
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 01 2012 19:00 GMT 25barb
A very touching photo...great post ...so sensitive
Sep 01 2012 19:06 GMT larrybenedict
I wonder what he makes. Looks like shopping bags of some sort behind him and some zippers. Could be that his supplies were in the bags????????
Sep 01 2012 19:10 GMT linnywv PRO
Poor tired fellow. Great photo!
Sep 01 2012 19:41 GMT peterpinhole
Great candid.
We used to have a tread sewing machine my grandmother used like this one shown here.
Sep 01 2012 19:47 GMT abojovna PRO
Impressive realistic photo!
Sep 01 2012 19:57 GMT FRIESIAN
Very impressive photo!!!!
Sep 01 2012 21:57 GMT Midworlder PRO
I need a nap now !
Sep 01 2012 22:02 GMT FLUMP
i know how he feels!
Sep 01 2012 23:11 GMT junne PRO
ah larry, he is a common tailor. he will sew anything you hand him. the shopping bags behind him hold the supplies and also finished work. the set up doesn't differ a bit from all the street tailors here.
a common alteration, like making the pants legs shorter, will cost about 50 cents u.s. sewing in a zipper and fitting a pillow cover also 50 c. (that includes a zipper)
Sep 02 2012 01:02 GMT will
this is a very wonderful and thought provokin image, Peter..it tells as much abbout the photographer(you)...as it does about the subject (him).....great work!)
Sep 02 2012 05:26 GMT sini
Great image!:)
Sep 02 2012 06:29 GMT hans55 PRO
a great candid picture ... a different world for us !
Sep 02 2012 06:33 GMT hallo
I like his sewing machine!
Sep 02 2012 10:26 GMT MargNZ
Thought provoking image Peter :)
Sep 02 2012 13:39 GMT Lalbabu
A fine candid but this is common in Asian countries as junne has commented.
Sep 02 2012 17:34 GMT senna3
Thank you all for the nice comments!
Sep 02 2012 18:59 GMT martini957
Bless his little ole tired heart
Sep 03 2012 07:56 GMT Hanny50
Life is hard for a child in Burma, great photo Peter.
Sep 04 2012 17:34 GMT senna3
Thank you Hanny.