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Mutinus ravenelii (Mutinus caninus) - Dog Stinkhorn - Himbeerrote Hundsrute - Roze Stinkzwam
Netherlands, Bussum, Crailo, Sept. 2012

I know, it is not an attractive fungus, let alone its awful smell. But it is a quite rare specimen in the Netherlands and it made my day when I found it. So I decided to share this appalling creature with you: http://www.mushroomexpert.com/mutinus_elegans.html
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 26 2012 19:11 GMT hans55 PRO
wel spotted ..i have never seen it before !
Sep 26 2012 19:25 GMT wijnie58
Great find, Peter..))
Sep 26 2012 19:25 GMT sini
Very special!:)
Sep 26 2012 19:30 GMT abojovna PRO
Very interesting mushooms, I never saw it! Beautiful photo!
Sep 26 2012 19:36 GMT bandsix
I thought it was a baby flamingo from the thumb Peter.....what an amazing fungus...don't know where you keep finding them!
Sep 26 2012 19:38 GMT elsje323
special find
Sep 26 2012 19:53 GMT saffi9
i agree with barbara
Sep 26 2012 20:20 GMT mamontof
Ugly beast
Great find , Peter
They bring attention , like pink flamingos
Sep 26 2012 22:47 GMT Myshots
Really unique and interesting...Awesome find...
Sep 27 2012 01:55 GMT fhelsing PRO
that's an interesting one ...... and I'm glad that we can't smell the photograph!
Sep 27 2012 05:23 GMT hallo
Incredible kind of fungus they look like colored earth warms :)
Sep 27 2012 05:41 GMT MargNZ
Peter I see in my book that we have this species here but I am not so sure I want to find one ! I do appreciate that it did make your day and it is most unusual :)
Sep 27 2012 07:56 GMT Hanny50
I agree with fhelsing, beautiful photo!!
Sep 27 2012 07:59 GMT ellymerz
Kabouter Spillebeen, ik wilde niet het hele liedje opschrijven,maar ik zing het je wel een keertje voor.
Sep 27 2012 08:23 GMT skyball
Most unusual...great catch!!!!!!........
Sep 27 2012 12:46 GMT Bellavista
indeed, I have never seen one like this before!
Sep 27 2012 14:29 GMT Annamaria
I have never seen this one either, Peter!! Great find!!
Sep 28 2012 02:08 GMT martini957
I kinda like it....reminds me of a flamingo neck/head
Sep 28 2012 08:07 GMT senna3
Inderdaad Elly, het was Spillebeen!
Sep 28 2012 08:08 GMT senna3
Thanks to everyone for the kind comments!
Sep 28 2012 18:07 GMT HMBPA PRO
I once raised a plant (Stapelia Noblis - Hairy Giant Starfish Flower) that produced a star shaped flower that gave off a foul smelling odor that attracted only flies, no bees. (See attached link) I believe your odd smelling Dog Stinkhorn works in the same fashion. Interesting, the many ways that nature has found to reproduce itself. Wonderful find, great photo.

Sep 30 2012 12:52 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comment HMBPA.
I will have a look at your link.