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Stinkhorn - Stinkmorchel - Satyre puant - Grote stinkzwam (part of the stalk is edible)
Netherlands, Bussum, Spanderswoud, Oct. 2010

This morning I finally found a stinkhorn, not by seeing it, but by smelling it!
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 09 2010 11:41 GMT Lalbabu
Another type.looks something totally new!!
Oct 09 2010 11:44 GMT hallo
Never seen anything like it!
Oct 09 2010 14:16 GMT senna3
You see them not so often Soumen and Samir, but it is a well known fungus!
Oct 09 2010 14:17 GMT Donjames
this one looks stinky....great shot Peter
Oct 09 2010 14:27 GMT senna3
Thank you Don.
Oct 09 2010 17:35 GMT Pietje
Very special, great shot Peter.
Oct 09 2010 17:43 GMT elsje323
great that you found one
Oct 09 2010 17:56 GMT fhelsing PRO
What an interesting specimen!
Oct 09 2010 18:26 GMT lynnj04
Never seen this before where do you find all these different varieties :-))
Oct 09 2010 23:33 GMT junne PRO
a phallic symbol :-)))
Oct 10 2010 01:15 GMT linnywv PRO
Laughing at Junne....yes I think so too!
Oct 10 2010 01:30 GMT MargNZ
Not the nicest of smells I imagine but a great capture :)
Oct 10 2010 06:38 GMT senna3
Lynn, my fungus hunting area is the Spanderswoud, a 213 hectare large forest close to the place where I live (10 minutes by bike). At the site
you can find a lot of pictures of this forest.
Oct 10 2010 06:39 GMT martini957
Another awesome find...I've never seen this one before
Oct 10 2010 06:41 GMT senna3
That is right Gunter. In fact, the scientific name is phallus impudicus!
Oct 10 2010 06:42 GMT senna3
Thank you all for your nice comments!
Oct 10 2010 07:24 GMT Danijela
Special one, looks unusual!:)
Oct 10 2010 07:54 GMT senna3
You do not see these ones often Danijela. I searched for it the whole month September and finally found one yesterday.
Oct 10 2010 09:04 GMT abojovna PRO
Very interesting mushroom! Super series al always!
This mushroom smells and flies love it?
Oct 10 2010 12:17 GMT senna3
Yes Claudia, flies love this fungus!
Thanks for the comment.