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A tiny mushroom, the diameter of the cap is about 1 cm.
Netherlands, Heath Fields of Bussum, Sept. 2012

Couldn't find this one in my mushroom guide, but MargNZ suggested Witch-hat waxgill (Hygrocybe conica). Thank you Margaret!
Full description can be found at http://healing-mushrooms.net/archives/hygrocybe-conica.html
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 01 2012 07:50 GMT bandsix
That's a little beauty..needs to be seen in full size to appreciate all the detail, including the drops of water falling from the cap:)
Oct 01 2012 08:27 GMT Hanny50
Did you put a pot of paint over it and let it drip down, beautiful but strange mushroom!!
Oct 01 2012 08:53 GMT sini
Never seen before! Great find!:)
Oct 01 2012 08:54 GMT MargNZ
The world of mushroom's is fascinating ... great photo Peter.
I wonder if this is a Witch-hat waxgill ( Hygrocybe conica ) ?
Oct 01 2012 09:03 GMT Pasifae
Lovely capture! :)
Oct 01 2012 10:00 GMT senna3
I think you are right Margaret!
I checked a number of sites and http://healing-mushrooms.net/archives/hygrocybe-conica.html presents an image which is quite close to the one in the picture. So let us call it the Witch-hat waxgill!
I will add it in the caption.
Oct 01 2012 10:31 GMT Cronos1
Beautiful !
Oct 01 2012 11:54 GMT Lie
Funny funghi, so small and so red..great find...
Oct 01 2012 12:53 GMT porph
I call it a tiny-masterpiece which could teach me how rich nature is.
Oct 01 2012 13:27 GMT Lalbabu
Superb tiny beauty !!!!!
Oct 01 2012 14:10 GMT Annamaria
Another beauty I have never seen before... great find, Peter!!
Oct 01 2012 15:23 GMT elsje323
great find
Oct 01 2012 15:38 GMT rob22stan
Oct 01 2012 16:05 GMT skyball
Beautiful colour contrast Peter!!!!!........
Oct 01 2012 17:15 GMT mellie
I agree with bandsix ... view in its original size. I have never seen a mushroom of this colour. A great shot and interesting also.
Oct 01 2012 18:51 GMT jomoud PRO
Wow...great shot.
It is indeed a rare type of colour.
Oct 02 2012 02:50 GMT fhelsing PRO
a nice find indeed!
Oct 02 2012 06:19 GMT senna3
Thanks all for the kind comments!
Oct 03 2012 11:10 GMT Bellavista
very nice mushroom! and so small??