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Netherlands, Zaanse Schans, Jan. 2011

In the Netherlands children used to learn reading by means of the "aap-noot-mies- ... " board. The expression "aap-noot-mies" is still a concept in the Dutch language and for many of the Dutch people this reading method was their start to reading books. So my entry for Books Friday is a picture of "aap-noot-mies".
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 03 2011 18:10 GMT Donjames
Wonderful entry Peter
Mar 03 2011 18:12 GMT mamontof
Very original entry PETER
Mar 03 2011 18:30 GMT sini
Ja zo hebben wij ook nog leren lezen! Great entry!:)
Mar 03 2011 18:33 GMT fotoate
nice photo shows nostalgic feelings
Mar 03 2011 18:39 GMT Icandoit
Nice entry
Mar 03 2011 18:44 GMT martini957
Mar 03 2011 18:53 GMT clintonfolks
love it.!!
Mar 03 2011 18:57 GMT LizSA
this is a wonderful memory of childhood... beautiful displayed.
Mar 03 2011 19:18 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Lovely photo and interesting information, Peter! I just read more about
"aap noot mies" on the Internet.
Mar 03 2011 19:27 GMT bandsix
Tried for a translation on Babelfish, and got 'Monkey note mies' so am still a bit in the dark!...great photo though......:)
Mar 03 2011 19:43 GMT T1MELESS PRO
Yet another great entry Peter !!!
Mar 03 2011 20:12 GMT senna3
Barbara, it is difficult to find in English an account on this typically Dutch reading method that was used from the end of the 19th century until about 1960 at Dutch primary schools. Some information in English is provided at http://ellenturningpages.blogspot.com/2010/04/reading-for-he-first-time.html
Btw, aap-noot-mies = ape-nut-mies, where mies is a girl's name.
Mar 03 2011 21:12 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful find and entry, Peter! I didn't see this when I visited the Zaanse Schans...;-(
Mar 03 2011 21:17 GMT elsje323
nostalgic entry
Mar 03 2011 21:55 GMT hans55 PRO
yesss i have learn to read with this too !! :-)
Mar 03 2011 21:55 GMT marijke06
en dan alles weer opbergen aan het eind....of in de doosjes bij de kleine leesplankjes...leuke foto
Mar 03 2011 22:43 GMT MargNZ
Charming entry Peter ... interesting too :)
Mar 04 2011 00:12 GMT superJoan
Wonderful entry Peter..thanks for the Dutch information...
Mar 04 2011 02:18 GMT PhotoPro PRO
a fantastic choice for this week!

Have a great weekend my friend.
Mar 04 2011 02:23 GMT Studio88
Awesome Entry ;-) Peter
Mar 04 2011 03:26 GMT potterjo
Very interesting....I guess you had to stand to learn also...lovely image.
Mar 04 2011 03:36 GMT jomoud PRO
I am smiling from ear to ear
That is how I learned to read and spel...app, noot mies
I was amazed that after all these many years, I immediately recognized the board:)
Marvelous entry.
Have a happy weekend my friend!:):)
Mar 04 2011 04:34 GMT fhelsing PRO
That actually looks like fun!
Mar 04 2011 04:50 GMT Midworlder PRO
Thanks for the education
Mar 04 2011 06:15 GMT teddybear2
wow I did not know that. Great to learn something new. A fantastic entry
Mar 04 2011 09:11 GMT Jakeobean
Peter....fascinating story....thanks so very much for sharing this interesting subject.....
Mar 04 2011 10:51 GMT skyball
Good entry Peter..how times change!!!!.....
Mar 04 2011 13:51 GMT janos
Wonderful entry!:)
Mar 04 2011 15:35 GMT aquiles PRO
Mar 04 2011 16:13 GMT iyerhari
great expressions and the entry toooo!
Mar 04 2011 19:42 GMT FLUMP
A marvel...
Mar 04 2011 20:20 GMT Lie
Great bookfriday entry...Ot en Sien en het leesplankje...war een nostalgie !
Have a nice weekend !
Mar 04 2011 23:58 GMT verarenm
Sweet portrait of dutch culture...very interesting to know it... "aap-noot-mies" I want to learn to speak this. :-)
Mar 05 2011 00:00 GMT abojovna PRO
Lovely ones little figures, beautiful project and entry!
Mar 05 2011 12:24 GMT soldier
Lovely ... The book is man's best friend... really stunning and amazing entry for today’s theme my friend!!!!!!
Mar 05 2011 17:19 GMT pauli3522
Mar 05 2011 17:50 GMT Maurabia
thanks a lot Peter
Mar 06 2011 05:10 GMT Squirrel PRO
NICE SHOT AND ENTRY:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Mar 06 2011 12:19 GMT lalewa
Nice entry,I like it.
Mar 06 2011 18:20 GMT charlie26
Wow, this is beautiful to see. Great shot Peter.
Mar 07 2011 12:46 GMT anko
lovely entry:)
Mar 08 2011 18:58 GMT senna3
Thank you all for you nice comments!
Mar 10 2011 22:17 GMT lizzieb
This was a lovely entry to last fridays theme.
Mar 11 2011 15:04 GMT senna3
Thanks again Lizzie.