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Myanmar (Burma), Chauk Village, March 2012

About a month ago my PC broke down and before it was fixed we had to leave to take care for the dog of our daughter in France. So I couldn't explain my absence and lack of comments. In the following few days I will catch up!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 28 2012 13:12 GMT Lalbabu
Looking at this shot in original I feel that he is churning mustered for oil,is it?
Aug 28 2012 13:19 GMT senna3
That is true Soumen, palm oil in fact!
Aug 28 2012 13:36 GMT hans55 PRO
good to see you back Peter ... we missed you ! .... very nice picture !!
Aug 28 2012 13:55 GMT senna3
Thank you Hans.
Aug 28 2012 14:05 GMT marijke06
great to see you again here!
Aug 28 2012 14:09 GMT marioalbertina
Interesting work!
What grinds ox ?
Aug 28 2012 14:14 GMT hallo
Good to see you're back Peter and both you and the computer are in good order now. We missed you!!
Aug 28 2012 14:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Marijke.
Aug 28 2012 14:26 GMT senna3
Palm oil Mario.
Aug 28 2012 14:26 GMT senna3
Thank you Samir.
Aug 28 2012 14:26 GMT senna3
Thank you Hunju.
Aug 28 2012 15:55 GMT Hanny50
In de tredmolen, mooie sfeerfoto Peter.
Aug 28 2012 16:00 GMT 25barb
Full screen is marvelous - love how you have taught us so much about this country.
Fantastic photo and the lighting and colors are superb
Missed seeing your photos...Glad you are back.
Aug 28 2012 16:15 GMT Ada90
Very nice......but poor that cow....he will never get rid of that dizzy feeling.
Aug 28 2012 17:09 GMT senna3
Dank je Hanny.
Aug 28 2012 17:10 GMT senna3
Thanks a lot Barbara.
Aug 28 2012 17:13 GMT senna3
We had the same feeling Adana, but then, both animals and people have a hard life in Burma. It is like the life in Europe a few hundred years (or perhaps less) ago. Let us hope that Burma will soon catch up with the developed countries.
Aug 28 2012 20:54 GMT wijnie58
Interesting shot..:-))
Aug 28 2012 21:01 GMT MargNZ
Interesting profile of life in Burma Peter :)
Aug 28 2012 22:26 GMT junne PRO
welcome back !!!
Aug 28 2012 23:57 GMT fhelsing PRO
a very different way of life
Aug 29 2012 02:41 GMT linnywv PRO
This is like stepping back in time! Wonderful!
Aug 29 2012 05:34 GMT mbz
excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 29 2012 06:58 GMT senna3
Thanks to everyone for the nice comments!
Aug 29 2012 13:27 GMT Riet
A wonderful shot.....the colours and the composition, looks like it was painted!
A great image!
You have seen a lot of beautiful things! And now we can enjoy with you a little :-)
Aug 29 2012 15:09 GMT senna3
Thanks for the nice comment Riet!
Aug 29 2012 17:31 GMT elsje323
just beautiful
Aug 29 2012 17:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Ida.
Aug 29 2012 19:28 GMT Papagena
Great that you have resolved your PC problem!! But I think you have above all appreciated your journey in France !!!!
Aug 30 2012 00:21 GMT martini957
God bless this precious animal....a hard life I'm sure...good that you are back : ))
Aug 30 2012 12:04 GMT senna3
We did Ruth, Aix-en-Provence, where our daughter lives, is a most charming little town, very lively because of the many students!
Aug 30 2012 12:07 GMT senna3
Both for people and animals Nancy, but people are very considerate with respect to animals. Their income depends on a healthy horse, ox or cow!