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St. Nicolas Church anno 1884
Netherlands, Amsterdam, March 2007
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 22 2008 16:10 GMT Xaragma
It looks good on the canal with the other buildings and the steps
Nov 22 2008 16:16 GMT LizSA
great photo Senna.... a lovely area around... I like the way the red brick building is
hugging in between the giants...
Nov 22 2008 16:39 GMT hans55 PRO
famous church ... next to the redlight district !! ... i have left some footprints there !! :-))
Nov 22 2008 17:08 GMT svein
Impressive building... the total lack of unity in style with the surroundings is almost funny..:-)
Nov 22 2008 17:50 GMT otilia
Amsterdam is very wonderful and your photo excellent¡¡¡¡¡¡
Nov 22 2008 17:56 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Fantastic building! I love hoe the church appears to be sheltering the first two buildins to the left as you look at it
Nov 22 2008 18:58 GMT h43
This is a wonderful structure.
Nov 22 2008 19:21 GMT Skykatt
Beautiful architecture .... great capture !! +++++++
Nov 22 2008 19:39 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comment Liz.
Nov 22 2008 19:40 GMT senna3
The price many cities had to pay for an increasing population Svein!
Nov 22 2008 19:43 GMT senna3
Thank you Otilia.
Nov 22 2008 19:52 GMT senna3
Mary, not far from this chuch there is the Victoria Hotel (directly opposite the Central Station). In this hotel there are embedded two tiny houses just like the red and darkgrey ones in the picture above. Late 19th century, when the hotel was planned, the owners of these houses refused to sell their houses to the company that was building the Victoria Hotel. So they just built the hotel "around" these two tiny houses! Perhaps I have a photo of this peculiar situation. If I find it I will post it.
Nov 22 2008 19:53 GMT senna3
Thank you Phill.
Nov 22 2008 22:19 GMT martini957
wonderful sight
Nov 22 2008 22:26 GMT verarenm
Nov 23 2008 02:14 GMT scenebyme
Outstanding architecture! Perfect pov and angle!
Nov 23 2008 03:58 GMT lalewa
beautiful architecture!
Nov 23 2008 07:08 GMT senna3
Thank you Nancy.
Nov 23 2008 07:20 GMT senna3
Thank you Vera.
Nov 23 2008 07:23 GMT senna3
Thank you Tammy.
Nov 23 2008 07:24 GMT senna3
Thank you Lalewa.
Nov 23 2008 11:00 GMT teddybear2
Oh wow. I would love to see the photo some day of the hotel around the houses.
Nov 23 2008 13:02 GMT Tom33
enjoying the views of Amsterdam - it's so picturesque to see
the various parts of the city whether you have been there or,
in my case, not.
Nov 23 2008 15:25 GMT senna3
Teddeybear, I just posted that particular photo.
Nov 23 2008 15:26 GMT senna3
Thank you Tom.
Nov 23 2008 15:53 GMT Poulet PRO
Wonderful architecture!
Nov 23 2008 19:11 GMT crazy8s
Only 1884? It look so much older than that. Spectacular architecture.
Nov 23 2008 19:11 GMT crazy8s
How did you take the shot? On a boat? I love the composition and POV.