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Painting by Nerio Pellarin from Bologna (2001)

Bowls or Balls?
A year after our Vietnam visit, where we failed to buy the tapestry shown in the previous picture, we bought in Peschici (Italy) the painting shown above. I was particularly intrigued by this painting because at first I could not decide whether the larger circular objects in the center of the painting were bowls or balls. By a careful analysis of the painting one can definitely conclude what they are!

I will give you the solution of this little riddle.
From the shadows cast by the fruit in the painting it follows that the light is coming from the left. Therefore the two larger circular objects must be bowls, otherwise they would have been dark at the right and not at the left side!
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2008 11:44 GMT Riet
It is a wonderful and magical painting!
I'm still puzzling about the white ball......the strange thing is I can see it in different ways...I can see it hollow and then it looks like a little bowl, or as a ball, for example the flat end of an egg.......?
Mar 28 2008 11:51 GMT gbgd
Itīs magical! Like this psycological tests you can do! It is a bowl...no , a ball....no, a bowl...and so on!
Mar 28 2008 11:58 GMT Maurabia
Mar 28 2008 13:02 GMT senna3
Thank you Riet and Gunilla.
Your first guesses were right!
I included the reason why it are bowls in the caption.
Mar 28 2008 13:12 GMT Riet
Mar 28 2008 13:15 GMT linnywv PRO
It's stunning! A great replacement for the screen! Is it a large work? The light makes it almost iridescent.
Mar 28 2008 13:27 GMT Dorado
Mar 28 2008 14:40 GMT abojovna PRO
For me itīs not metter! A beautiful modern art! Nice photo!
Mar 28 2008 15:06 GMT mandybee
great entry
Mar 28 2008 15:51 GMT Poulet PRO
Mar 28 2008 15:52 GMT iyerhari
very impressive!!!!!!!
Mar 28 2008 16:30 GMT gwen83
Great art:-)))
Mar 28 2008 20:15 GMT Marttaru
Stunning greens!
Mar 29 2008 06:50 GMT senna3
Linny, it is about 1.20 by 1.20 m. It just fitted in our car!
Thanks for the nice comment.
Mar 29 2008 06:51 GMT senna3
Thank you Claudia.
Mar 29 2008 06:55 GMT senna3
Thank you Gwen.
Mar 29 2008 09:07 GMT elja
I love it !
Mar 29 2008 09:09 GMT senna3
Thank you Elja.
Mar 29 2008 18:57 GMT Tom33
a painting by Sherlock Holmes
Mar 31 2008 10:47 GMT Erica44
Amazing so real..!!!
Mar 31 2008 13:28 GMT senna3
Thank you Erica.
Apr 01 2008 12:19 GMT SIGMUND
excellent painting my friend!!
Apr 03 2008 17:41 GMT senna3
Thank you Susana.
Apr 03 2008 18:10 GMT PaP67
I recognize here the mathematical mind of Mister Peter !
Apr 03 2008 18:43 GMT senna3
Yes Patrick a deformation of the mind caused by a life long profession!