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Netherlands, Bussum, Dec. 2012

My entry for todays theme is not my favourite book but our most precious book, or rather books, viz. the collected works of Jacob Cats, a famous 17th century Dutch poet, and an old bible, the so-called Statenbijbel. These books were printed in 1726 and 1641, respectively.
I inherited them from my parents because they thought I had a special affinity with them, in particular with the bible. The reason was the following.
At school we got as homework the translation of a piece of the bible (written in Greek) into Dutch. I knew that the old bible of my parents was a direct translation of the Greek bible, so I thought to be clever and "borrowed" this precious book, although no one was supposed to touch this old and fragile item! It turned out that the Dutch translation didn't help me very much; for me, 17th century Dutch was even more difficult than Greek! Of course my parents discovered that I had taken the book to my room.
When my mother died we found a letter to her children and grandchildren. In this letter she stipulated that I should get the two books together with the beautifully decorated table where they have lain for the last 70 years.
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 07 2012 12:50 GMT Icandoit
Excellent presentation.
Dec 07 2012 12:51 GMT 25barb
What wonderful notes and a marvelous sensitive story. Your mother was a jewel and you have shared the beauty of the books and magnificent table with us all. I am sure you are honored to have them in your possession. Thank you for your kindness in sharing and it has touched me very much...
Dec 07 2012 13:10 GMT hans55 PRO
a great story ..and fantastic old books !!
Dec 07 2012 13:29 GMT Lalbabu
Absolutely agree with 25brab.
Dec 07 2012 13:33 GMT hallo
I wonder whose the next to inherit this treasure, maybe they should go to a museum under your family name after a long long life Peter..
Dec 07 2012 13:38 GMT fotoloekb PRO
A great and realy Dutch historical possession Peter!
Dec 07 2012 14:34 GMT bandsix
Oh what a naughty boy you were Peter!! How wonderful that you have now inherited these treasures, and are looking after them for the next generation of your family.....they, and the table, are worthy of the very best of care:)
Dec 07 2012 14:35 GMT wijnie58
Wonderful book entry, Peter..:-))
Dec 07 2012 15:26 GMT clintonfolks
I agree with barb.!!!
Dec 07 2012 15:57 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Beautifully presented entry Peter. Thank you for the history and the story that goes with it. So lovely to have such family treasures to keep passing down through the generations.
Dec 07 2012 17:05 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Such precious (and photogenic) family heirlooms and a delightful story to accompany them.
Dec 07 2012 17:24 GMT julie13
very nicely presented.
Dec 07 2012 22:10 GMT Littleollie
It is entries like yours Peter that will keep Friday themes alive.
You have shared an insight into a piece of your personal history, it is also a part that keeps you linked to your parents and your past.

Enjoy your weekend.
Dec 08 2012 01:30 GMT fhelsing PRO
a wonderful set of treasures!
Dec 08 2012 02:13 GMT pauli3522
wow..those books are a wonderful treasure of your family..keep them in good conditions...they must be unique books...right??
Dec 08 2012 07:37 GMT senna3
Thanks for the nice comment John!
Dec 08 2012 07:39 GMT senna3
Thanks all for the nice comments!
Dec 08 2012 09:40 GMT junne PRO
yes, you deserved that inheritance !!! it made me laugh to hear that old dutch was even more difficult than the greek. mostly because we don't learn our old languages in school. old german to my is greek too :-)))
Dec 08 2012 17:27 GMT Cronos1
You are the owner of a priceless treasure, Peter ! And, I don't speak about money...
Dec 08 2012 18:36 GMT mamontof
Excellent entry , so nice when family have value and tradition !
Dec 08 2012 20:54 GMT elsje323
good book entry
Dec 09 2012 08:05 GMT senna3
Thank you Alex.
Dec 09 2012 08:05 GMT senna3
Thank you Ida.
Dec 09 2012 10:43 GMT Annamaria
Precious memories to you, Peter!! This is the best choice to choose of for you!!
Dec 12 2012 09:44 GMT senna3
Thank you Anna-Maria.