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Netherlands, Giethoorn, July 2004
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 24 2007 20:07 GMT hans55 PRO
Holland is beautyfull !! ...would you believe i never have been here !!
Jan 24 2007 20:16 GMT annaschnitfink
You should make up for this Hans. Would be a good plan for summer time. It is so beautiful there!
Jan 24 2007 20:17 GMT annaschnitfink
What a beauty dear senna3!
I also like it very much that the hydrangeas are flowering so abundantly!!!
Jan 24 2007 20:20 GMT Lie
Beautiful overthere...isīt it !
Jan 24 2007 22:10 GMT Ini
Bij het zien van deze foto verlang ik naar de Zomer wat een bloempracht..
Jan 25 2007 00:13 GMT Macfudge
This is what postcards are made from!!! GREAT!!!!!
Jan 25 2007 00:50 GMT nicoalfredo
GREAT SHOT !!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 25 2007 02:58 GMT larrybenedict
Who wouldn't like to live in this cottage.
Jan 25 2007 08:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Taaboe.
Jan 25 2007 08:48 GMT senna3
Voor ons was het ook pas de eerste keer dat we in Giethoorn waren. Eigenlijk zijn we Nederland pas na mijn pensionering echt gaan verkennen.
Jan 25 2007 09:50 GMT senna3
Thanks for the comment Anna. I think that it would have been much more colourful with sunny weather, but on that particular day (July 13) it was a bit rainy, of course with the advantage of less tourists!.
Jan 25 2007 10:30 GMT senna3
Giethoorn is great Lie. At the time, I just had my first digital camera and was not yet used to the new way of taking pictures, that is, many pictures of the same object and keeping the best ones. I still was in the habit of thinking that every picture taken was one less left. So I have to go again!
Jan 25 2007 10:32 GMT senna3
Ja Ini, wij hebben ook wel genoeg van deze kwakkelwinter en zien uit naar voorjaar en zomer.
Jan 25 2007 10:32 GMT senna3
Thank you so much Hans.
Jan 25 2007 10:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Nicoalfredo.
Jan 25 2007 10:42 GMT senna3
It has its charmes, Larry, but on the other hand, a great part of the year this village is overcrowded with tourists.
Jan 25 2007 12:23 GMT beus PRO
Very beautiful colors and photo!
Jan 25 2007 12:23 GMT linnywv PRO
Beautiful shot of the flowers! Nice angle!
Jan 25 2007 13:23 GMT senna3
Thanks Beus.
Jan 25 2007 13:28 GMT senna3
Thank you Linny.
Jan 25 2007 14:06 GMT shalinipatel
Another captivating shot. Such beautiful colours :) x
Jan 25 2007 15:45 GMT jceca PRO
like from the kid's stories ......... :-))
very nice !!!
Jan 25 2007 17:10 GMT toshkatakb
Wow! So beautiful!Inviting place!!!
Jan 25 2007 18:12 GMT Minz PRO
Very beautiful and colourful !
Jan 25 2007 18:26 GMT senna3
Thank you Shalini.
Jan 25 2007 18:37 GMT senna3
Thank you Jceca.
Jan 25 2007 19:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Toshka.