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Netherlands, Amsterdam, April 2009
Stone tablet at Brouwersgracht 163 representing a Corn Measurer

My entry for Proverb Monday April 13: "Er mag niets aan de strijkstok blijven hangen", which is something like "Nothing should remain at the smoothing-rod" meaning "The intermediaries should not convert so much to their own use".
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 13 2009 06:22 GMT sini
Great illustration for the proverb!:)
Apr 13 2009 06:37 GMT Foggydew
Apr 13 2009 06:37 GMT rainbow71
very old picture great proverb.
Apr 13 2009 07:02 GMT bluesky
Apr 13 2009 07:04 GMT Riet
Dit is wel heeeeel toepasselijk nu we de gevolgen ondervinden van al die bankers ( en soortgenoten) met strijkstokken!
Apr 13 2009 07:16 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Apr 13 2009 07:16 GMT senna3
Thank you Foggydew.
Apr 13 2009 07:17 GMT senna3
Thank you Rainbow.
Apr 13 2009 07:22 GMT senna3
Thank you Bluesky.
Apr 13 2009 07:24 GMT senna3
Toen we deze gevelsteen zagen, moesten we daar ook aan denken Riet!
Apr 13 2009 07:31 GMT abojovna PRO
April 13 is Oldjerry! Birthday Day! Nice proverb and illustration!
Apr 13 2009 07:31 GMT LizSA
fantastic historic stone tablet....
perfect proverb picture Senna......!!

not a proverb known to me.... but then again..... I only know Afrikaans..
and a little ..tiny bit of English :-)
Apr 13 2009 11:42 GMT senna3
Thank you Claudia and my congratulations!
I will have look at his page!
Apr 13 2009 11:52 GMT senna3
Thank you Liz.
In fact, Liz, it is more a saying than a proverb ("aan de strijkstok blijven hangen") indicating that in practice a lot of money is coming in the wrong hands by the greediness of people.
Apr 13 2009 20:25 GMT PaP67
the gracht of the brouwers ? ! Amstel...Heineken ?!
Apr 14 2009 06:21 GMT senna3
Patrick, it got its name because of the many 16th and 17th century breweries in the neighbourhood of the canal. These breweries do not exist anymore.
I could only find a Dutch link describing the history of the Brouwersgracht: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brouwersgracht