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Tulip time
Netherlands, near Lisse, March 2007
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Comments on this photo:

Mar 28 2007 20:54 GMT jamby PRO
oh you were there too :-)) when? i have this shot too..i was there last sunday :-))
Mar 28 2007 20:57 GMT senna3
Jamby, we went today. By car to Sassenheim and then by bike to the Keukenhof and surroundings. But this picture was made a few km north of the Keukenhof.
Mar 28 2007 20:59 GMT jamby PRO
i see...excellent...so..you have the sea of time huh? :-))
Mar 28 2007 21:10 GMT LizSA
OOHH...it sureley is so beautiful....we missed out on the tulips
when in Holland...was there late in May....and they said the tulips
was early....April....what about March...that is very early..is it not...!!
Mar 28 2007 22:24 GMT Fialka
Beautiful colours!
Mar 29 2007 01:18 GMT virpiH
Beautiful !!!!!!!
Mar 29 2007 01:20 GMT karlbark
Im with LizSA on this one! I was in Holland a couple of years ago, but totally missed any tulips. I would have loved to see those large fields of flowers that Ive seen on postcards & such...

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Mar 29 2007 06:25 GMT CH1988
Great shot!
Mar 29 2007 07:09 GMT senna3
It is Liz, this year nature seems to be one month earlier. We visited the bulbfields many times, but this was the first time in March. The hyasinths are now at their best and the tulips are starting. This was an "early" field!
Mar 29 2007 07:48 GMT Arik77
Beautiful !
Mar 29 2007 09:59 GMT mattatt
so nice ... can not wait until April .....
Mar 29 2007 12:35 GMT Poulet PRO
Mar 29 2007 12:37 GMT senna3
Thank you VirpiH.
Mar 29 2007 14:15 GMT senna3
When do you come in April? I guess that mid April the Keukenhof is at its peak. We were there yesterday and it was not yet at its peak.
Mar 29 2007 14:23 GMT mattatt
we plan to visit there next week end ..... Keukenhof ... I am coming ...
Apr 11 2007 08:08 GMT gmastro
very good shot!!!