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When I read the request of Mmmstreaker to submit a "mybestselfportrait", my first reaction was to submit a portrait of one of our Bernersenne dogs Senna 1 or Senna 2. Afterall, during their life time, they were my "alter ego" and I borrowed their name. Moreover, in the family, I do all the photographing, so how should I find a selfportrait? But then I realized that this was not what Mmmstreaker had in mind and I decided to submit the above compromise. My "portrait" is taken from a group photo, so it is a bit unsharp.

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 09 2006 16:22 GMT beus PRO
Hello Senna3!
Nov 09 2006 18:32 GMT senna3
Hello Beus. Our dog Senna (by the way, this was Senna 1) was like a daughter to us.
Nov 25 2006 17:33 GMT kmg29
hello senna1 & hello senna3! i've just had a good look at your pics which are all great, and i must say wow you've been to many great and beautiful places.
Nov 25 2006 18:23 GMT senna3
Thank you Kmg for looking at my pictures. I was lucky that my profession (as a mathematician) required me to participate in many conferences all over the world. My wife always joined me, so we combined it with a short vacation!
Nov 30 2006 01:22 GMT kmg29
Lol...good compromise Senna!!
Nov 30 2006 08:46 GMT senna3
Thank you Kmg!
Jun 18 2007 14:31 GMT LizSA
AAHHHH ...Senna.........how do you do......wonderful.....
at last a face behind the entries.......
great to meet you..........the photo is good.....just the dog overshadow you a bit......:-))) he is so huge......!!
Jun 18 2007 17:44 GMT senna3
Huge and so adorable Liz. She was our fourth daughter!
Oct 11 2008 10:51 GMT Pierre
I understand all now !!
Nice to meet you Senna3 !!
Oct 11 2008 11:40 GMT senna3
Thanks Pierre.
Nov 27 2008 15:33 GMT crazy8s
Very nice to meet you. It is true. Our dogs are an extension of ourselves. Very well said. Beautiful dog.