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Four of the Nine Dynastic Urns
Vietnam, Huế, March 2010

Huế is perhaps best known for its historic monuments in the Citadel, which have earned it a place in the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. Inside the Citadel was a forbidden city where only the concubines, emperors, and those close enough to them were granted access, the punishment for trespassing being death. Today, little of the forbidden city remains. In this picture you see four of the Nine Dynastic Urns. They were cast between 1835 and 1837. Each of the urns represents a different Nguyen king. The urns are decorated with typical Vietnamese motifs (the sun, the moon, mountains, rivers and landscapes): http://www.virtourist.com/asia/vietnam/hue/09.htm
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Comments on this photo:

May 25 2010 19:57 GMT h43
What a lovely shot Peter. This whole trip must have been absolutely fabulous.
May 25 2010 21:34 GMT linnywv PRO
Now that is what I call a fondue pot! ;)
May 25 2010 22:29 GMT junne PRO
masterpieces of casting, the mere size being a challenge
May 26 2010 00:29 GMT losp
Such magnificent historic pieces so very
beautifully composed & superbly captured !
May 26 2010 03:27 GMT hallo
3D effect!
May 26 2010 03:40 GMT Lucky222
Great.. so special and unique, thanks for description...
May 26 2010 05:09 GMT sini
Great angle and image!:)
May 26 2010 06:05 GMT MargNZ
Wonderful decorative urns .. thank you for the information Peter :)
May 26 2010 07:00 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful old urns... ;-))
May 26 2010 07:15 GMT senna3
Thank you all for your nice comments!
May 26 2010 15:42 GMT elsje323
great angle
May 26 2010 18:36 GMT cnthparada
me encanto!!
es como para preparar una sopa de personas jejeje
May 27 2010 05:40 GMT senna3
Thank you Elsje.
May 27 2010 05:42 GMT senna3
Yes Cnthparada, the whole population of the forbidden city could have been served!