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A failed present

In 1995 I visited a math conference in Bahrain. It was one of the few conferences where my wife didn't join me. In the weekend two colleages and I visited the suq of Bahrain to buy a present for our wifes. My present was the red-white-yellow gold necklace shown in the picture above.
About a year later, the three of us met again at another conference and we talked about the presents we had bought at the Bahrain gold suq. It turned out that each of us had made the wrong choice. Indeed, my choice was a bit "too much". So, never buy jewelry when your wife cannot guide you!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 19 2012 19:07 GMT Annamaria
Great story! I realy like it... maybe one of your daughters would love to wear it...;-))
Jan 19 2012 19:15 GMT julie13
Or furniture, wallpaper, paint, anything for the kitchen, NEVER buy clothes because if you buy a size to big us women think that you want us to lose weight, if you buy a size too small then we still think you want us to lose weight. Never buy us underwear cos you look like a perv or a cross dresser and shoes are a big no no because we have to try at least 50 pairs before we buy. I do like this necklace though :)
Jan 19 2012 19:18 GMT elsje323
nice story and a beautiful necklace
Jan 19 2012 19:30 GMT Pea2007
Beautiful entry Peter.
I would never buy jewelry for my wife as I feel its a personal thing ,I have bought her many times cloths as I know what she likes.
Jan 19 2012 19:37 GMT hans55 PRO
i think Julie is right !! :-)) ... to be safe i always buy perfume for Wijnie ! :-)
this a great entry and story with it !!
Jan 19 2012 19:37 GMT hallo
Peter...the necklace you bought in 1995 is now more than five times worth, maybe this will please your spouse ;-)
Jan 19 2012 20:22 GMT rainbow71
After being to the Gold Suq's in Dubai, there is so much to choice from. I think the necklace is very beautiful.
Jan 19 2012 20:24 GMT T1MELESS PRO
The last time i was in Bahrain was in 1969 and believe me gold was cheap then :-))
Nice choice for this weeks theme Peter.!!
Jan 19 2012 20:26 GMT MargNZ
You are a very wise man Peter and I agree with Julie .
The necklace has provided a great funfriday entry with much discussion :))
Jan 19 2012 20:43 GMT abojovna PRO
Such a beautiful gesture from you, peter, it´s an extraordinary work in my opinion! Maybe it is this necklace too heavy and conspicuous.? Thank you for telling this family story!
Jan 19 2012 21:23 GMT wijnie58
A beautiful story and fantastic necklace......:-))
Jan 19 2012 21:36 GMT jomoud PRO
Very good advice Peter:)
Yet I like the necklace.
It is a stunning piece of goldsmith work.
Excellent entry
Have a fabulous weekend.
Jan 19 2012 23:05 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
It looks like a cracking necklace to me!
Jan 19 2012 23:39 GMT martini957
Great shot of your wrong choice my friend...I'm not much for jewelry at all...but this necklace appeals to me : ))
Jan 20 2012 00:48 GMT fhelsing PRO
an elegant and beautiful piece
Jan 20 2012 02:00 GMT Milibuh
Great image and entry ...
Jan 20 2012 02:46 GMT doramandragora
An absolute marvelous piece! What great craftwork! So good you could simply hang it on your wall.
Jan 20 2012 03:25 GMT larrybenedict
With gold prices being what they are, time to melt it down! I think it's beautiful and therefore would be unable to put a torch to it myself. :-)
Jan 20 2012 03:37 GMT junne PRO
i think it is an exquisit piece of art and i can only congratulate you on your good taste.
i used to design jewelry and taught the same at uc/ santa cruz
Jan 20 2012 04:12 GMT laurab1
I agree with Junne, it is an exquisite piece of art !
Jan 20 2012 11:05 GMT skyball
Eye catching Peter!!!!!!.....
Jan 20 2012 12:18 GMT sini
Wonderful necklace! Great entry!:)
Jan 20 2012 13:01 GMT superJoan
I bet this sits beautifully around the neck Lovely entry
Jan 20 2012 14:14 GMT Lalbabu
But I appriciate your choice,it's fantastic!!!
Jan 20 2012 14:15 GMT senna3
That is the right word Claudia, too conspicious!
Jan 20 2012 14:21 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the nice (and encouraging) comments!
Jan 20 2012 18:13 GMT bandsix
It is a beautiful piece of jewellery Peter, but your wife obviously knows what suits her...perhaps chocolates and flowers next time? :))
Jan 20 2012 21:36 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 21 2012 07:12 GMT senna3
Barbara, flowers is quite safe indeed!
Jan 21 2012 07:12 GMT senna3
Thank you Aquiles.