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Oudemansiella mucida (Porcelain Fungus - Porseleinzwam)
Netherlands, Bussum, Spanderswoud, Oct. 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 15 2011 17:55 GMT sini
Beautiful group!:)
Oct 15 2011 18:02 GMT julie13
Now that looks like something from another planet
Oct 15 2011 18:07 GMT Ada90
Peter this wan is also great.
Oct 15 2011 18:33 GMT elsje323
so beautiful
Oct 15 2011 19:53 GMT Bigbear10
A wonderful capture
Oct 15 2011 20:13 GMT Pea2007
Oct 15 2011 20:23 GMT MJGhajar PRO
Oct 15 2011 21:26 GMT pieter40
a Wonderful mushroom,fantastic photo.!!!!
Oct 15 2011 22:08 GMT wijnie58
Amazing mushrooms............
Oct 16 2011 00:44 GMT T1MELESS PRO
I am sure you polish them before you take your Shots.:-))
Oct 16 2011 02:14 GMT potterjo
Awesome fungi!
Oct 16 2011 02:19 GMT larrybenedict
Nice and shiny! The Netherlands surely must have the most varieties of fungus or you are just a very good mushroom scout. I wonder if A_ _ helps you find them. Probably more fun than an Easter Egg Hunt.
Oct 16 2011 05:45 GMT beady
very nice
Oct 16 2011 06:06 GMT MargNZ
Another wonderful shot to add to your collection Peter :)
Oct 16 2011 06:53 GMT sider
Peter, I love the muchroom series so much. " Mushroom 's hunter "..... ';))
Oct 16 2011 07:47 GMT siltyg
Another great find Peter and well shot. Im not finding so many now
Oct 16 2011 09:30 GMT Hanny50
That something like that can grow on an old tree is a wonder!!
Oct 16 2011 09:53 GMT clintonfolks
great find..
Oct 16 2011 10:09 GMT Annamaria
One big happy family, Peter! Great find!!
Oct 16 2011 12:47 GMT bandsix
My favourite fungus....lovely!
Oct 16 2011 13:22 GMT Lalbabu
As I have commented on the previous shot you're a researcher!!!
Oct 16 2011 17:16 GMT hallo
Good looking, well photographed mushrooms!
Oct 16 2011 18:00 GMT caferr
Oct 16 2011 18:06 GMT ujbanyiv
Great Mushroom Photo.
Oct 16 2011 21:45 GMT abojovna PRO
Next amazing photo of those beautiful "mucida" fungi!
Oct 16 2011 21:45 GMT abojovna PRO
Next amazing photo of those beautiful "mucida" fungi!
Oct 16 2011 22:04 GMT martini957
Cool find....you always find the cool ones
Oct 17 2011 07:39 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the nice comments.
Oct 17 2011 07:50 GMT senna3
Larry, this one was taken when it was a rainy day and as a rule Aly does not join me when it rains! But, by now, I have memorized so many places in the forest where we once found mushrooms, that I can find my way on my own too!
Jan 07 2012 02:38 GMT doramandragora
Hello Peter, I am sorry I can't answer you in a private message until I have uploaded 10 pictures here.
I am so glad that the doctors found out early about the borrelia bacteria. I know about the fever, headaches and general fatigue. If left untreated it can be very challenging to treat.
I have been bitten by so many ticks in my life that I have become "immune" to them. Now they are just like a mosquito bite to me. But thankfully I have never been infected with anything more serious. My neighbour contracted "tick fever" (as they call it around here) a while ago, and now I wonder whether its proper name is Lyme disease (or a form of Lyme disease) and she was very ill for a long time. The antibiotics helped her but in the end it was natural therapies that brought back her strength.
Here is a link if you are interested:
It is the most common species around here and everyone who has got pets needs to check them daily for this parasites. Dogs and cats from outside the region often die due to the bite of the paralysis tick.
Peter, I sincerely hope that you will be feeling much better in the near future. I think boosting your immune system in whichever way possible will be very beneficiary.
Please forgive me for writing this in public, but I have left FB and don't have any other way to write to you at this point.

A whole lot of great new energy and good health for you, Peter!

Jan 07 2012 02:41 GMT doramandragora
*beneficial* not beneficiary :-)