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Netherlands, Bussum, February 2009

My entry for Guess What Friday is a picture of two (identical) "Guesswhats" which I saw being used by my grandmother when I was a child. We inherited these beautiful tools and we therefore know their purpose, just only because I saw them "in action". But can YOU guess its purpose?
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 12 2009 18:14 GMT petzka
Great entry Peter!!!!
Feb 12 2009 18:15 GMT petzka
Great entry Peter!!!!
Feb 12 2009 18:34 GMT LisaSam67
Lost me! Neat looking though!
Feb 12 2009 19:02 GMT SaoPaulo
I don't have idea, Peter! Im waiting for your explanation.. when you would like to...
I loved the black background!... fine effect.
Feb 12 2009 19:23 GMT LizSA
beautiful photographed.... giving us 2 changes to guess....
something to do with clothing....... :) ??
Feb 12 2009 19:26 GMT lynnj04
Firstly what a lovely picture, are they some sort of cufflink ???
Feb 12 2009 20:04 GMT sini
Your grandmother was waring a regional costume? Some decoration on the head?
Feb 12 2009 20:32 GMT senna3
It is not so much a decoration used on cloth, but rather a (decorative) tool for daily use!
Feb 12 2009 20:35 GMT gafaway
wonderful entry... no idea : )
Feb 12 2009 20:57 GMT jomoud PRO
I do not know the name.
But I think these are the pins to keep traditional head coverings in place.
Feb 12 2009 21:32 GMT Riet
They are beautiful! I see pins, so they must be attached to something, but what?
I have no idea yet........
Feb 12 2009 22:26 GMT Dorado
Wonderful . magic photo,,
Feb 12 2009 23:19 GMT PhotoPro PRO
they're beautiful, I don't know what - but certainly a pleasure to view!!
Feb 12 2009 23:40 GMT details
cuff bottons???
Feb 13 2009 00:14 GMT superJoan
drawing pins? whatever they are they look silver and quite beautiful....now what would you pin in Holland? net curtains....tablecloth.......you have me beat Senna.
Feb 13 2009 00:15 GMT Macfudge
They look like buttons that fit old costumes leather belts!:-)
Feb 13 2009 03:06 GMT martini957
Upholstery tacks??
Feb 13 2009 04:45 GMT Squirrel PRO
EXCELLENT PHOTO AND ENTRY..............................................
Feb 13 2009 06:08 GMT teddybear2
certainly beautiful what ever they are
Feb 13 2009 08:11 GMT rainbow71
really nice, but don't have a clue!
Feb 13 2009 08:30 GMT senna3
HINT: These "tools" are/were used on food.
Can you gues what sort of food?
Feb 13 2009 09:14 GMT mbz
beautiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 13 2009 09:39 GMT gilbertoxp
Great shot...no idea...and yes this cat use any place to rest...!!!
Feb 13 2009 11:05 GMT Jakeobean
Peter...were they used on corn.....they look too beautiful for that but I can't think of any other food that might used these....
Feb 13 2009 11:28 GMT Riet
Maybe on gherkins?
Feb 13 2009 13:22 GMT aquiles PRO
lovely entry !!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 13 2009 13:23 GMT alexh
Not for eating pomegranates with?
Feb 13 2009 13:27 GMT hallo
Nice photo!
Feb 13 2009 15:16 GMT gafaway
I would never have guessed for food
Feb 13 2009 15:25 GMT linnywv PRO
Tapestry pins for upholstery! These are so fancy too!
Feb 13 2009 15:26 GMT linnywv PRO
FOOD? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Feb 13 2009 15:44 GMT Poulet PRO
They are so beautiful but I have no idea what is it!!
Feb 13 2009 16:07 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful "filigrans" ! Well taken!
Feb 15 2009 17:59 GMT Hanka
Beautiful photo, but I have no idea - first I guess: some decorative buttons. On food? I don't know...