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Netherlands, Lisse, De Keukenhof, April 1996

My contribution to Proverbmonday 15 Jan. 2007
"Bloemen zijn op elke weg te vinden, maar ieder kan er nog geen krans van winden"
"You can find flowers along any road, but not everybody can twist them into a flower crown"
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 14 2007 15:41 GMT Riet
I had never heard this one, but it says something about the art of living. And it remembers me of my childhood...we used to make garlands from daisies:)))
Lovely foto!
Jan 14 2007 16:18 GMT sini
Great image to the proverb!!
Jan 14 2007 17:57 GMT kella
che meraviglia di foto e di fiori...
Jan 14 2007 19:54 GMT virpiH
Beautiful :-)))))))))
Jan 14 2007 21:45 GMT jomoud PRO
a very appropriate proverb and wonderfully illustrated

I love "Keukenhof" :):)
Jan 14 2007 22:05 GMT DGM
Oh beautiful flowers. Thats true, not everybody can shoot the same way. Sometimes the angle and contrast reflect the photographer's personality.:))
Jan 14 2007 22:27 GMT Macfudge
I am sure that all of Nederland is looking forward spring! LOL
This is a good reminder.
Jan 14 2007 22:53 GMT Bali
Nice entry!!!!
Jan 15 2007 07:59 GMT senna3
Thank you VirpiH.
Jan 15 2007 08:07 GMT senna3
From my childhood on I am collecting proverbs, by now over 6000 "true" proverbs (not including sayings like "van haver tot gort", but definite statements about which you might argue). Since I did not check which proverbs have already been submitted in this Proverb event of DGM (I joined only last December), I choose the lesser known proverbs from my collection.
Jan 15 2007 12:10 GMT senna3
Grazie Kella.
Jan 15 2007 12:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Jomoud.
Jan 15 2007 12:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Bali.
Jan 15 2007 16:52 GMT LizSA
Wonderful.......great proverb......fantastic entry.......and it is true...!
it makes you think....I adore proverb monday.!
Jan 15 2007 19:03 GMT litz
Excellent choice of the proverb to be presented with this marvellous
photo senna3
Jan 16 2007 08:27 GMT senna3
Thank you LizSA.
Jan 16 2007 08:28 GMT senna3
Thank you Litz.
Jan 16 2007 09:49 GMT youyouchen
6000 ! what a huge figure ! it's good i hv learnt this one ,thanks for sharing .