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Cannonball Tree (Couroupita guianensis)
Malaysia, Penang, Georgetown, April 2011

Amongst the flora in the Penang Botanic Gardens, one of the most conspicuous trees is the Cannon Ball Tree, so called because of its brown cannon-ball-like fruits. The trees are grown extensively in Shiva temples in India. Hindus revere it as a sacred tree because the petals of the flower resemble the hood of the Naga, a sacred snake, protecting a Shiva Lingam, the stigma.
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Comments on this photo:

May 24 2011 15:03 GMT mbz
very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 24 2011 15:09 GMT Annamaria
Beautiful flowers ! How does these fruit tasts, Peter?
May 24 2011 15:23 GMT Lalbabu
In India we call these fruits 'Bel',as Anna asks, the outer portion is very hard but the inner is very soft & tasty with a littlebit of suger.The tree is full of thorns.This fruit is also a great laxative.
May 24 2011 15:48 GMT bandsix
A great tree with interesting fruits...I'll pass on trying one, though :))
May 24 2011 15:52 GMT Donjames
very interesting indeed
May 24 2011 16:01 GMT yvonNL
Mooie bloemen toch deze groeide ook in Vietnam
May 24 2011 16:23 GMT sini
Interesting tree!:)
May 24 2011 17:08 GMT senna3
Thanks for the additional information Soumen.
May 24 2011 17:09 GMT senna3
No Anna-Maria, we didn't taste them.
May 24 2011 17:10 GMT senna3
That is true Wil, we too saw them in Vietnam.
May 24 2011 17:45 GMT clintonfolks
May 24 2011 17:50 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Exotic and beautiful!
May 24 2011 18:18 GMT Pea2007
Interesting plants.
May 24 2011 18:19 GMT Annamaria
Thanks for answering lalbabu!! ;-)
May 24 2011 23:08 GMT MargNZ
Interesting tropical fruit Peter :)
May 25 2011 03:30 GMT fhelsing PRO
What a wonderful tree!
May 25 2011 20:05 GMT martini957
It's an awesome tree
May 26 2011 06:24 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the nice words!
Jun 17 2011 16:53 GMT Snappa
Are there any fatalities..like there is with Coconuts falling, do yo think?
Jun 17 2011 16:58 GMT senna3
That is right Linda, people are warned to pass these trees at a safe distance!