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In the photo gallery of Jakeobean I found a beautiful picture taken in Pleasant Hill Shaker Village: http://www.fotothing.com/Jakeobean/photo/8687dab7139a2e5565da951ee3ab0dbb/start=103.
Jake allowed me to use it as a source image for the above fractal.

Netherlands, Bussum, Jan. 2008
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 14 2008 13:13 GMT hans55 PRO
looks like an escher drawing now !! :-)
Jan 14 2008 13:26 GMT Minou
Gorgeous work !
Jan 14 2008 15:33 GMT Poulet PRO
Just great!!!!
Jan 14 2008 15:40 GMT iyerhari
wonderful img.:)
Jan 14 2008 16:49 GMT alicewise
Wonderful detail!
Jan 14 2008 16:53 GMT Peixy
Jan 14 2008 17:44 GMT yvon
another beauty
Jan 14 2008 18:33 GMT gafaway
excellent subject for fractal... amazing image result !
Jan 14 2008 20:14 GMT Jakeobean
Senna...this is absolutely stunning......I want to make a big print of this fractal illustration for my office...with your permission of course.......
Jan 14 2008 20:23 GMT nightowl011
Beautiful work!:)
Jan 14 2008 21:40 GMT jceca PRO
awesome !!!!!
Jan 15 2008 00:43 GMT linnywv PRO
Wow!!!!! This is really amazing!
Jan 15 2008 14:38 GMT senna3
Thank you Poulet.
Jan 15 2008 15:09 GMT senna3
Thank you Alice.
Jan 15 2008 15:36 GMT senna3
Thank you Peixy.
Jan 15 2008 18:41 GMT senna3
Thanks for al comments Gafaway.
Jan 16 2008 08:24 GMT senna3
Jake, I would of course be honoured, but I think the original would be much more appropriate. These fractals are nothing more than a bit of playing and do not have a long lasting value! I run out of suitable source picture from my own collection and then started to look at otherones collections!
Jan 16 2008 08:41 GMT senna3
Thank you Linny, but as I just wrote Jake, it is just a bit of playing with already beautiful pictures!
Jan 16 2008 08:45 GMT senna3
Thank you Nightowl.
Jan 16 2008 16:40 GMT corainna
its amaizing! i will tray to make astainedglass inspireted by this pic from you:) is really wonderful
Jan 16 2008 18:41 GMT senna3
That would be great Corina, but remember that the source picture is of Jakeobean. I only made a fractal image of HIS picture!!
See http://www.fotothing.com/Jakeobean/photo/8687dab7139a2e5565da951ee3ab0dbb/start=103
Jan 16 2008 20:17 GMT corainna
yes, but i like how is look now! the colors are great!!! how you make the pic as this???
Jan 17 2008 02:18 GMT aquiles PRO
FANTÁSTICA !!!!!!!!!!
Jan 17 2008 13:02 GMT senna3
I will send you a message with explanation Corina.
Jan 18 2008 10:55 GMT corainna
thanks for the message:) i hope i will can do it:)