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My contribution to Proverbmonday 22 January 2007:
"Spreekwoorden zijn de dochters van de dagelijkse ondervinding" = "Proverbs are the daughters of dayly experience".

Illustrated by "The Dutch Proverbs" painted in 1559 by the famous Dutch master Pieter Bruegel.
His masterpiece pictures over 120 proverbs and sayings of his time.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 21 2007 16:44 GMT sini
Great illustration to the proverb!
Jan 21 2007 16:53 GMT iyerhari
***Pieter Bruegel painted in 1559***

very well posted for the theme!!!
Jan 21 2007 16:54 GMT jamby PRO
beautiful painting to accompany with the true proverb
Jan 21 2007 17:19 GMT fawn
great choice!
Jan 21 2007 17:49 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Jan 21 2007 17:52 GMT senna3
Thank you Iyerhari. You are right, the phrasing was a bit confusing. I inserted a comma to exclude confusion!
Jan 21 2007 17:58 GMT senna3
Thank you Jamby
Jan 21 2007 17:59 GMT senna3
Thank you Fawn.
Jan 21 2007 18:07 GMT Elise
Fantastic and a very true proverb ...great entry :)
Jan 21 2007 18:08 GMT Bali
Stunning entry!!!!
Jan 21 2007 18:21 GMT senna3
Thank you Elise.
Jan 21 2007 18:21 GMT senna3
Thank you Bali.
Jan 21 2007 18:51 GMT Elly
And now to find all the 120 prverbs and sayings ;-)
Jan 21 2007 18:58 GMT Riet
This is great,senna! I have tried sometimes if I could recognize some proverbs, but I didn't come very far:((( You know many proverbs....:)))
Jan 21 2007 19:18 GMT Maurabia
I love Bosch,
I have a big poster from Berliner Museum, never hanged, with is a part of this painting and proverbs; if i find it again, and i you wish, i send it to you !
thanks anyway for your so kind comment !
Jan 21 2007 19:26 GMT senna3
It is not difficult Elly if you have the right documentation. The Gemäldegalerie of the State Musea in Berlin published a book by Rainald Grosshans in which this Bruegel painting is analysed including all the proverbs and sayings. Although it is in German, it is not too difficult to find the right Dutch translations. I plan to upload a few close-ups of the painting with an explanation of the pictured proverb.
Jan 21 2007 19:28 GMT senna3
Riet, I just wrote Elly about the book of Grosshans where a full explanation is given of what is going on in this painting (see above).
Jan 21 2007 19:35 GMT senna3
Of course, Lydia, you studied in Berlin and you know all about the paintings in the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. You are right, Pieter Bruegel is also known as "Der Neue Hieronymus Bosch". It would be nice if you make a photograph of that poster and share it with the FT proverb fans!
Jan 21 2007 19:46 GMT Riet
Thank you senna!
Jan 21 2007 21:28 GMT annaschnitfink
Senna3: Great entry. You will not believe this: I stood in front of this painting in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem TODAY. Next to the painting fixed with a small chain you find several laminated prints of a complete list of all the sayings and proverbs painted and it is also indicated where you can find them...
Jan 21 2007 21:49 GMT litz
Fantastic photo...very well presented true proverb!!!!
Jan 21 2007 22:12 GMT DGM
OMG this the mother of all proverbs!!

("The Dutch Proverbs" of the famous painter Pieter Bruegel, painted in 1559. His masterpiece pictures over 120 proverbs)

Thank you for the entry!!
Jan 22 2007 01:08 GMT jomoud PRO
I love this painting
great contribution for a true proverb
Jan 22 2007 07:54 GMT senna3
Thank you Anna. That is quite a coincidence indeed. It is good to hear that the painting is now in Haarlem (I thought it still was in Berlin). Haarlem is a bit easier than traveling to Berlin! I have extensive documentation on the various scenes at the painting and perhaps I will upload a few close-ups of these scenes with the corresponding proverb.
Jan 22 2007 08:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Litz.
Jan 22 2007 08:36 GMT senna3
Thank you Jomoud. Yes this painting is also one of my favourites, but then, I have a weak spot for proverbs. I am already collecting them from the age of eight years.
Jan 22 2007 09:17 GMT Maurabia
ok i try to do it
Jan 22 2007 10:27 GMT gmastro
great painting and capture of it!!! it seems for me from a distance as a painting from Jeronime Bosh that he is my favourite!
Jan 22 2007 12:06 GMT LizSA
this is a golden find Senna.....what a wonderful book you have.....
now we can lookforward to proverb mondays....and get a painting as welll....!
Jan 22 2007 18:22 GMT senna3
Thank you Gmastro. You are right, Bruegel has the same style as Hieronymus Bosch and is often called "the new Hieronymus Bosch". But the true Hieronymus Bosch died in 1516 and Pieter Bruegel was born about 10 years later.
I want to thank you also for your very kind comments on my other pictures.
Jan 22 2007 18:26 GMT senna3
Thank you Joe.
Jan 22 2007 18:44 GMT senna3
Thank you so much LizSA. Yes this book of Rainald Grosshans is wonderful indeed! By now, there is no painting I know so well in all its details as "De Nederlandse Spreekwoorden" of Pieter Bruegel, thanks to Grosshans!
Jan 22 2007 19:20 GMT Seamus
Wonderful illistration senna3
Jan 23 2007 11:43 GMT senna3
Thank you Seamus.
Jan 24 2007 20:30 GMT annaschnitfink
Thanks for your reply senna3. Maybe a copy is in Berlin or maybe the copy is in Haarlem. I got the impression that they have the real thing in Haarlem... But anyhow: I have just seen it for the 2nd time now. I checked the museum site of the Frans Hals for you, but they do not show this specific picture on their site. A visit to beautiful Haarlem is so much worth while, you will not regret it! :)
Mar 19 2007 14:16 GMT LizSA
ooohhh...my famous painting...this proverb right in the middle...above the
green roof.... I love it....sorry for repeating myself.....!!
Mar 19 2007 16:38 GMT senna3
Thank you so much Liz for your visit and your kind comments!
Jan 04 2008 10:58 GMT OrangeRose
Nice painting, one could lost in this painting. I am going to look up on that Dutch Proverbs though now that you got my attention on it.
Jan 05 2008 11:30 GMT senna3
Thanks for your comments OrangeRose.
I posted 5 pictures showing details of this Bruegel painting. You can find them under the tag bruex.
Jan 22 2008 02:08 GMT Studio88
A Dutch Masterpiece ;-))
Jan 23 2008 07:38 GMT senna3
Thank you Studio, also for the many other comments.
Jul 20 2008 19:45 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Excellent presentation of an amazing painting that I had not seen before
Jul 20 2008 19:52 GMT senna3
Thank you Mary.
It is a marvelous painting, you can look for hours and still discover new things!
Jul 22 2008 00:49 GMT martini957
FANTASTIC and so interesting
Jul 22 2008 05:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Martini.