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"Some giant lost a Pebble" (as it was characterized by Annaschnitfink)
India, Mahabalipuram, Jan. 1997
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 18 2007 12:46 GMT DGM
Wow! How did the rock go there???
Jan 18 2007 12:51 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Fascinating picture - like DGM I wonder how this rock got here.
Jan 18 2007 13:12 GMT Minz PRO
Now that is some BIG rock !
Excellent shot.
Jan 18 2007 14:18 GMT Ini
What a super stone the color is olso beautiful ...
Jan 18 2007 16:29 GMT senna3
We had the same question DGM, but they told us that within living memory it had always been there. Close by there were other huge rocks and strange enough with different colours. So that indicates that these rocks were not left at the plateau by a natural cause. I will upload another rock picture.
Jan 18 2007 16:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Thor. I just wrote DGM about it these Mahabalipuram rocks (see above).
Jan 18 2007 16:46 GMT senna3
Thank you Minz.
Jan 18 2007 19:03 GMT annaschnitfink
Some giant lost a pebble. Amazing piece of rock! Incredible picture! Thanks for sharing.
Jan 18 2007 20:14 GMT shalinipatel
How is that balancing on top of that hill?
Great shot :) x
Jan 18 2007 20:18 GMT senna3
"Some giant lost a pebble" that would have been a nice caption for this picture!
Jan 18 2007 22:11 GMT Maurabia
in south of France, there is a rock called le rocher du Sidobre near Castres
Jan 18 2007 22:38 GMT kella
siamo sicuri che non cade??? :-)) grande immagine
Jan 18 2007 22:45 GMT annaschnitfink
Dear senna3: You may take my comment away and change the title if you please!
Jan 18 2007 22:45 GMT annaschnitfink
Dear senna3: You may take my comment away and change the title if you please!
Jan 19 2007 07:03 GMT senna3
Good question! And it kept its balance as long as people can remember!
Jan 19 2007 07:21 GMT senna3
Yes Lydia, we saw the Sidobre rocks, balancing on smaller ones, quite impressive. Unfortunately, it was at the time that we did not make pictures but only films (because of our small children). I have a period of 7 years without any (own) photographs, such a pitty!
Jan 19 2007 07:30 GMT senna3
Kella, I can more or less understand Italian, but I cannot write in Italian.
You are right, it is amazing that this rock keeps it balance, but it did as long as people can remember.
Jan 19 2007 07:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Anna, but no need to take your comments away!
Jan 19 2007 08:07 GMT Maurabia
yes 7 years itch or ?................well, after you made it up for !!!
Jan 19 2007 11:13 GMT alkami
wow, nature is amazing!!!
Jan 19 2007 15:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Alkami.
Jan 22 2007 18:30 GMT senna3
Thank you Joe, it was huge, indeed! Mostly I wait until all tourists or passengers-by are out of my view, but here I was glad that someone was passing. He served as a reference!.
Feb 15 2008 15:14 GMT dpeteryes
Thank You Senna!!
Love it !!! I will post some more views for You!!!
Feb 18 2008 18:47 GMT senna3
Thank you Qpidoremix.
Mar 08 2009 10:30 GMT sayalio
Very impressive shot!!!
Mar 08 2009 12:18 GMT senna3
Thank you Sayalio.