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De Keukenhof
Netherlands, Lisse, April 1996
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 19 2006 16:06 GMT dreamowl
beautiful flowers and colors...beautiful pic
Dec 19 2006 16:57 GMT senna3
Thank you Dreamowl.
Dec 19 2006 17:19 GMT gmastro
EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well balanced shot and powerfull colours!
Dec 19 2006 17:32 GMT virpiH
Niin kaunista ! (beautiful ) Ihanat värit !!!!!!!
Dec 19 2006 22:34 GMT wifey
Beautiful blooms… bright and cheerful. :)
Dec 20 2006 07:10 GMT senna3
Thank you Gmastro.
Dec 20 2006 07:12 GMT senna3
Thank you VirpiH.
Dec 20 2006 07:13 GMT Rotterdammer
Meet any Germans?
Dec 20 2006 07:15 GMT senna3
Thank you Baddi.
Dec 20 2006 07:18 GMT senna3
Thanks Wifey.
Dec 20 2006 07:20 GMT senna3
A lot of them Rotterdammer! In fact, we were entertaining foreign guests, among of them two from Germany!
Dec 20 2006 16:41 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
Why do you say you have no artistical eye????This photo proofs the contrary...
Dec 20 2006 17:52 GMT senna3
That is a very kind comment EuCarlosFilipe. By an artistical eye I meant that you create a composition yourself like e.g. Maurabia and Shalini can do. My pictures are just recording what nature offers us!
Dec 20 2006 18:43 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
I thought you would say that. But you are wrongfirst of all you must have sensibility for beauty (you have it), if the subject of your photo is already done or created belivieve me there s allways another point of view and this photo of yours proof it (If the purple flowers were hyden the photo was completely different). For creation it takes muche time and somtimes don t it is a miracle of the moment you look to a detail and click (sometimes the natural light is enough). Go ahead ....I know you are able to do it!!!!
Dec 20 2006 20:40 GMT senna3
Thanks for your confidence and positive comment!