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This is my camera (unexpected reflexion by the Christmas ball)
Netherlands, Bussum, Dec. 2006
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 18 2006 18:54 GMT Qualquer
hello you nice camera great pic ;)
Dec 18 2006 19:01 GMT sini
Wonderful shot and reflections!:)
Dec 18 2006 19:02 GMT Midworlder PRO
You are getting good at the decoration shot. I think I remember you saying we have the same cameras, I thought I might be a bit unique choosing a blue colour but it looks you did too ? I haven't got one of those hand tripod thingees though (is that what it is?)
Dec 18 2006 20:18 GMT beus PRO
Very good photo!!!
Dec 18 2006 20:53 GMT Hanneke
very nice! you have a huge livingroom btw, looks very homy :)
Dec 18 2006 22:00 GMT Macfudge
The unexpected fotos are sometimes the best!
Dec 19 2006 03:26 GMT wifey
Beautiful captured!
Dec 19 2006 06:44 GMT Maurabia
i can see you ! good ! thanks ! Peter !
Dec 19 2006 06:57 GMT llouise
great shot , lovely done : )
Dec 19 2006 06:59 GMT skbeta
Hi Senna, really nice shot... Have a nice day...
Dec 19 2006 07:40 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Dec 19 2006 07:44 GMT ellymerz
Een heel mooie foto Piet. Leuk zie ik teminste dat
jullie een kerstboom hebben! Groetjes Elly

Dec 19 2006 07:56 GMT senna3
Thank you Qualquer.
Dec 19 2006 08:04 GMT senna3
Yes, this one was taken with the Sony DSC-P150 (btw, it is black). Compared with our Leica it is a bit unstable for macro's or when the light is poor. I then use my tripod to have more grip on the camera. It is not a special hand tripod, but quite ordinary with extendable legs.
Dec 19 2006 08:20 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yes I haven't even got an ordinary tripod .. I probably should .. next year perhaps .. (which almost means next week !!)
Dec 19 2006 08:38 GMT senna3
Thank you Baddi and also for all your other comments. I will see what I can do without hiding behind the camera!
Dec 19 2006 08:39 GMT senna3
Thank you Beus.
Dec 19 2006 08:42 GMT senna3
Thank you Hanneke. The large living room is the effect of the Chiristmas ball, working as a convex mirror. Therefore I hide myself behind the camera!
Dec 19 2006 12:33 GMT senna3
Thank you Wifey.
Dec 19 2006 12:43 GMT senna3
Thank you Louise.
Dec 19 2006 12:43 GMT senna3
Thank you Skbeta.
Dec 19 2006 12:46 GMT senna3
Hallo Elly, je komt weer eens kijken bij FT. Waar blijven je foto's? Ik kijk regelmatig of er al wat nieuws bij zit. Overigens doen jullie foto's het wel goed, heel wat kijkers!
Dec 19 2006 17:20 GMT gmastro
hahaha!! goodddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 20 2006 07:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Gmastro.
Dec 20 2006 16:50 GMT ellymerz
hallo Piet. Ik kijk natuurlijk vast iedere dag wat je weer voor mooie nieuwe fotos in Fotothing gezet hebt.