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Coprinus micaceus - Glistening Ink Cap - Gewone glimmerinktzwam
Netherlands, Bussum, Spanderswoud, Sept. 2011
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 08 2011 08:17 GMT hallo
Good to see you back peter, hope you had good time!!
Nov 08 2011 08:23 GMT senna3
Thank you Samir. I was absent because of a lyme infection due to a tick bite. Photographing fungi in the forest can be dangerous!
Nov 08 2011 08:29 GMT Donjames
Amazing as usual....fabulous photograph
Nov 08 2011 08:35 GMT senna3
Thank you Don.
Nov 08 2011 10:19 GMT teddybear2
Great shot Peter. I am sorry to hear you have not been well. I do hope you are feeling better now.
Nov 08 2011 10:36 GMT sini
Lovely find! Take care!:)
Nov 08 2011 11:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Shirley. It seems that the antibiotica did its work!
Nov 08 2011 11:11 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Nov 08 2011 11:19 GMT clintonfolks
great find . hope you are better now, take care...
Nov 08 2011 13:01 GMT senna3
Thank you Dave.
Nov 08 2011 14:08 GMT siltyg
Glad your feeling better. Nice find
Nov 08 2011 15:30 GMT julie13
Sorry to hear you have been ill, I was wondering where you were, and it's nice to see you back with a great photo.
Nov 08 2011 16:05 GMT senna3
Thank you Siltyg.
Nov 08 2011 16:06 GMT senna3
Thank you Julie.
Nov 08 2011 16:28 GMT saffi9
love the detail
Nov 08 2011 17:44 GMT LizSA
beautiful tender fungus....!!

sorry to seee you have been ill Peter... tick fewer is very tiring and makes one very sick... the winter weather might kill some of those ticks in the woods..
Nov 08 2011 17:51 GMT senna3
Thank you Liz.
Yes, it was just lack of energy, either because of the lyme infection or just the antibiotica!
Nov 08 2011 19:41 GMT sayalio
What a beauty!!! ......Hope You are OK now.
Nov 08 2011 19:49 GMT fhelsing PRO
Those are sweet ... and welcome back!
Nov 08 2011 21:09 GMT charlie26
Hope you feel better now Peter. Understood that it can take a long time to recover, hope that would not be the case for you.
Nov 09 2011 06:03 GMT hamid2010
Awesome :)
Nov 09 2011 10:32 GMT MargNZ
Simply a wonderful capture .
Nice to see you back Peter .Take care in the Spanderswoud !
Nov 09 2011 11:18 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the good wishes!
Nov 10 2011 14:01 GMT Lalbabu
Superb spotlight effect!!!
Nov 10 2011 14:49 GMT senna3
Thank you Soumen!
Nov 10 2011 15:43 GMT elsje323
great find but take care
Nov 14 2011 08:43 GMT senna3
Thank you Ida.