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Netherlands, Bussum, Febr. 2012

For Dutch standards we had a cold night (-19 C at our place). This morning we found the above ice flowers on our bathroom window.
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Comments on this photo:

Feb 04 2012 09:18 GMT MargNZ
That is very cold Peter but a beautiful picture to wake up to :))
Feb 04 2012 09:31 GMT Foggydew
now that is cold!!
Feb 04 2012 09:35 GMT elsje323
that's very cold
Feb 04 2012 10:07 GMT marijke06
great winter flowers!
Feb 04 2012 10:07 GMT marijke06
not double glazed?:)
Feb 04 2012 10:09 GMT Bellavista
Wonderful grown ice flowers!
Feb 04 2012 10:15 GMT ENZO
in brazil is summer..now 29 grade celsius
Feb 04 2012 10:24 GMT julie13
Beautiful, but it shows how cold it is. At night we normally turn the the heat lamps off in the dragon tanks, but we have been leaving them on because the temperature is dropping too low for them at night. Apparently we have got snow coming to the south east by lunchtime.
Feb 04 2012 10:30 GMT senna3
Only our ground floor windows are double glazed Marijke. We thought it unecessary for the bedroom, the bathroom and my study. But with the present cold period it would have been more convenient, especially my study!
Feb 04 2012 10:41 GMT bandsix
this is a delightful picture Peter, especially sitting here looking at it in my warm toasty living room, with a hot coffee....:)) -19 is a little bit on the chilly side though, it was so cold here yesterday, but only -6...!!
Feb 04 2012 10:47 GMT skyball
A frosty greeting first thing in the morning...Nice catch!!!!!.....
Feb 04 2012 10:50 GMT Ada90
WoW that's a pretty little cold......take care of your self.....
Feb 04 2012 11:14 GMT junne PRO
gorgeous photo, but the climate is not fit to live in. here it is 18 c and we think that is cold
Feb 04 2012 11:27 GMT hans55 PRO
it sure was a cold night ... even this morning it was stil -10 !!
great ice flowers !!
Feb 04 2012 11:32 GMT sheasoru68
That is serious cold...great image ...photos are about the only good aspect of weather as severe as this....be safe.
Feb 04 2012 13:20 GMT caferr
nice shot...
Feb 04 2012 13:32 GMT abojovna PRO
A precious nature art! Beautiful format of this photo!
Feb 04 2012 13:38 GMT Lalbabu
A beautiful creation by Nature!!!!!
Feb 04 2012 14:24 GMT hallo
I hate to go outside the door...it's only +10 today ;-)
Feb 04 2012 20:34 GMT ForestSpirit
Very beautiful, but scarily cold. Hope this cold spell soon comes to an end!
Feb 04 2012 21:44 GMT Annamaria
It looks beautiful but its way too cold for me too, Peter!!
Feb 05 2012 02:04 GMT potterjo
brrrr! But made for a great image.
Feb 05 2012 13:45 GMT wijnie58
Thats great....!!
Feb 05 2012 18:40 GMT whiteMusk
great ice flowers...
Feb 05 2012 19:18 GMT charlie26
Amazing, but gives a very nice photo.
Feb 06 2012 15:09 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the nice comments!
Feb 09 2012 09:38 GMT LadyD
This is the artistic power of nature :) I had it on my car window. Beautiful catch.
Feb 09 2012 09:41 GMT senna3
Thank you LadyD.