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Senna 2, 6 months old
Netherlands, Bussum, Dec. 1989
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 14 2006 18:52 GMT Pasifae
Lovely shot!! :)
Nov 14 2006 19:01 GMT eScargo PRO
She is a beautiful dog - I am sure you will bring her up correctly so that she behaves - Rinty was almost uncontrollable! We looked after her for a while and the only way we could get out of the kitchen was to throw sausages to the other end and then leap out the door!
Nov 14 2006 19:33 GMT tacka
Beauty ... my friends dog AJA was just like that ...
Nov 14 2006 20:07 GMT senna3
I guess that Rinty was a male. Our Senna's were female and much easier, but still, in their first three years they ruined a lot in the house!
Nov 14 2006 20:11 GMT senna3
Yes she was a beauty, but also very naughty as can be seen from het face!
Nov 14 2006 20:51 GMT Minz PRO
What a lovely dog!
Nov 14 2006 22:28 GMT eScargo PRO
No Rinty was female, but had been spoilt by her owner. She was definately top-dog!
Nov 15 2006 08:06 GMT senna3
Thank you Minz. She was my 'alter ego', therefore I borrowed her name for this photo site.
Nov 15 2006 08:18 GMT senna3
Yes, Rinty certainly has the looks of a champion! It is difficult to be strict with Bernersenne dogs. They are so charming. But you pay a high price when you spoil them as a puppy. At the age of three you can start 'spoiling' them a bit, at least that is our experience.
Nov 15 2006 15:35 GMT Elly
Echt mooi!
Nov 15 2006 19:33 GMT senna3
Na een half jaar begon ze langzamerhand haar puppyverschijning te verliezen en werd het een 'stoere' Bernersenne!
Nov 19 2006 13:03 GMT linnywv PRO
My husband and I have been looking at all the Netherland shots and we've made up our mind to visit next fall. What a beautiful country!
Nov 20 2006 08:13 GMT senna3
The Netherlands are beautiful, indeed, but the main problem is the unpredictable weather. Sometimes I hate all the rain and wetness. On the other hand, it often is combined with beautiful cloud views and that is nice for pictures. Many Dutch painters worked that into their paintings!