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Children from Burma
Myanmar (Burma), Palaung village, March 2012
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 23 2012 17:23 GMT 25barb
Great study of children - happy and sad expressions and the baby feels love...
Wonderful capture done with much sensitivity.
Apr 23 2012 17:34 GMT Lalbabu
Agree with the above comment.
Apr 23 2012 17:51 GMT bandsix
A completely different way of life for these children....nice candid shot...
Apr 23 2012 19:19 GMT Pea2007
Great capture.
Apr 23 2012 19:31 GMT Riet
Such a touching image!
Apr 23 2012 20:20 GMT happysnaper
Beautiful image Peter.
Apr 23 2012 23:37 GMT Studio88
Peter, Kids are Hamming it up for You - Great Capture ;-)
Apr 24 2012 00:19 GMT larrybenedict
Kids wearing winter clothing. Thought the weather was warm year 'round in Burma?
Apr 24 2012 00:52 GMT sunrise99
very live reportage !
Apr 24 2012 05:54 GMT senna3
Larry, the Palaung district is higher up in the mountains. When we visited it was early in the morning and still quite cool.
Apr 24 2012 06:56 GMT senna3
Thanks to all for the nice comments!
Apr 24 2012 07:23 GMT sini
Sweet group!:)
Apr 24 2012 08:15 GMT senna3
Thank you Sini.
Apr 24 2012 14:11 GMT wijnie58
Beautiful shot of the childeren...:-))
Apr 24 2012 14:13 GMT senna3
Thank you Wijnie.
Apr 24 2012 16:34 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A delightful family group - love their varying expressions!
Apr 24 2012 16:48 GMT senna3
Sylvia, these Burmese children are so natural! They are "flabbergasted" by people who appear to come from another planet and who want to photograph them with "things" they never saw before. The big surprise comes when we show them their own picture!
This village is quite isolated high up in the mountains. Most village people have never left this mountain area.
Apr 24 2012 17:05 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
What a privilege to meet these beautiful people from such a remote area.
It's a pity that modern digital cameras don't produce instant printed photos like the old Polaroid cameras! Or maybe there is some way that you can send the people pictures of themselves.....?
Apr 18 2013 07:28 GMT senna3
Thanks a lot Hunju!