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Netherlands, Bussum, Jan. 2013

Each morning my first activity is a look at the chess moves my internet opponents have thought out for me during the night. Each morning I hope that it will be a good morning for me!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 31 2013 18:34 GMT 25barb
How nice...with your morning activity..I do puzzels the first thing in the morning.
Sometimes it wakes me and sometimes not... Your morning activity is much more
difficult than mine....
Well presented - as long as we can have a smile the day will be a good one.
Jan 31 2013 18:46 GMT bandsix
It's always good to have something to look forward to in the mornings...mine is much more mundane - my porridge with blueberries:)) I hope all your mornings are good.....
Jan 31 2013 19:03 GMT skyball
Interesting Peter!!..something i have never tried:-))...
Jan 31 2013 19:12 GMT hans55 PRO
a nice way to start a good day !! :-)
Jan 31 2013 20:47 GMT elsje323
great way to start the day Peter, good entry
Jan 31 2013 21:55 GMT abojovna PRO
Good morning, Peter! Very unusual morning activity! Very nice entry!
Jan 31 2013 22:39 GMT annieann PRO
its great to have an activity each day
Feb 01 2013 00:23 GMT potterjo
great entry!
Feb 01 2013 00:50 GMT larrybenedict
I'm not surprised that you start the day with an intellectual exercise of sorts. I guess all of us have some kind of routine, even if (in my case) we don't think we have one. Sometime, I have a cup of coffee in front of the computer. I don't drink coffee every day although health studies suggest that two cups every day would be good for us. Sometimes I read the newspaper...the pages I didn't finish the night before! Aren't we fortunate to have reached the point in our lives that we don't have to rush off to work first thing in the morning.
Peter.....I don't see a cup of coffee (or tea) in this photo! I suppose a glass (or two) of red wine offer health benefits as well.........so THEY say. :-)
Feb 01 2013 03:35 GMT T1MELESS PRO
What a great idea Peter However i like my cup of tea first :-))
Feb 01 2013 08:46 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Does your chess brain work well in the morning? I used to think my brain worked better at night but the number of times I pick up a crossword the next morning I was struggling with the night before and the answers seem obvious!
Feb 01 2013 10:18 GMT marioalbertina
Lovely activity!
Feb 01 2013 10:25 GMT Bellavista
thats very brain refreshment! Better than more coffee!
Feb 01 2013 11:43 GMT superJoan
My brain wouldn't be in gear for this first thing in the morning Peter....but then Mathematicians brains work differently to mine, especially early in the day...I do crosswords,codewords and sudocu to keep the old grey matter working, but later in the day.
Feb 01 2013 11:50 GMT Papagena
Interesting first occupation in the morning Peter !! Who is wining the most often ??
Feb 01 2013 12:53 GMT doramandragora
How stimulating. I just finished reading the biography of Bobby Fischer.
Feb 01 2013 13:44 GMT clintonfolks
Feb 01 2013 13:44 GMT julie13
Nice entry :)
Feb 01 2013 14:21 GMT Lalbabu
Great intellectual activity every morning surely makes your brain refersh for the rest of the day !!!
Feb 01 2013 15:02 GMT wijnie58
Very nice entry, Peter...:-))
Feb 01 2013 17:58 GMT senna3
Larry, first of all, wine should be enjoyed with dinner, not early in the morning!
The reason for my chess exercise is that I rise about an hour earlier than my wife and since we always have breakfast together, it is an ideal time to play my chess games in spite of the lack of cofffee or tea.
Feb 01 2013 18:04 GMT senna3
Ruth, I play so many chess games at a time (about 20), that winning and loosing is part of a weekly experience (in average a game takes 30 moves and we play about two moves a day). A better norm to list ones chess performance is the rating you get. In this screen picture the rating of the players is specified below the (nick)name of the players.
Feb 01 2013 18:23 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
A most admirable way to start the day, Peter, but I would need at least a cup of coffee while I was doing it!
Feb 01 2013 20:08 GMT mamontof
Peter programming - great time to spend , at some point computer all the time win 8-)
Feb 02 2013 01:05 GMT martini957
Feb 02 2013 07:02 GMT Myshots
Wonderful entry, like your morning routine.......
Feb 02 2013 10:32 GMT Riet
Wonderful, senna! My first husband and my new partner after my husbands death
both played chess!
Feb 02 2013 21:33 GMT junne PRO
a great routine, for me it is a cup of very strong coffee and the computer
Feb 03 2013 15:59 GMT Hanny50
Brain gymnastics in the morning always a good start of the day, great entry for the theme!!
Feb 03 2013 17:41 GMT anko
great entry:)
Feb 06 2013 16:22 GMT will
Feb 06 2013 17:59 GMT Cronos1
Peter, I see we have many things in common (including the HP printer :-)))))
A great entry !
Feb 06 2013 18:26 GMT CarlBovisNaturePhotography
Chess... A great way to keep the mind active! :-)
Feb 07 2013 08:26 GMT senna3
Thanks everyone for the nice comments!