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Detail of one of the Dynastic Urns shown at the right
Vietnam, Huế, March 2010
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 20 2010 19:17 GMT FRIESIAN
Lovely decoration!!!!!
Apr 20 2010 19:18 GMT SaoPaulo
of them (vietnamits people) and yours, Peter!
Apr 20 2010 19:38 GMT Cooler PRO
Beautiful shot and work there Peter ;-)))
Apr 20 2010 19:43 GMT verarenm
To know and enjoy! Great art!
Apr 20 2010 21:47 GMT charlie26
Great decoration and entry.
Apr 20 2010 23:08 GMT junne PRO
Apr 21 2010 01:26 GMT Studio88
Excellent Vietnam Art Shot ;-)
Apr 21 2010 02:30 GMT ashdad PRO
Great detail!
Apr 21 2010 03:30 GMT fhelsing PRO
beautiful work!
Apr 21 2010 05:05 GMT Lucky222
Very lovely piece of art.
Apr 21 2010 07:40 GMT losp
Art history is foreign to me :o) ..
Very beautiful piece of art work.
Excellent capture for FT display !
Apr 21 2010 09:34 GMT senna3
Thank you all for your nice comments!
Apr 21 2010 09:43 GMT senna3
Junne, I don't know for sure, but at http://www.virtourist.com/asia/vietnam/hue/09.htm it is said "that these urns were cast between 1835 and 1837, and that each of the urns represents a different Nguyen king. The are also decorated with typical Vietnamese motifs (the sun, the moon, mountains, rivers and landscapes)".
Since in that period a Vietnamese king Minh Mang was in charge I am inclined to think that these Dynastic Urns were made by the Vietnamese.
Apr 21 2010 11:23 GMT MargNZ
Amazing workmanship and so beautiful Peter :)
Apr 21 2010 12:22 GMT senna3
Thank you Margaret.
Apr 21 2010 12:39 GMT junne PRO
did they use chinese characters in ancient vietnam? it never occurred to me that their present alphabet must be modern and most probably they used something else before.
Apr 21 2010 15:29 GMT Lalbabu
Great details!!!!
Apr 21 2010 15:32 GMT senna3
Thanks Soumen.
Apr 22 2010 14:54 GMT martini957
Fantastic detail
Apr 22 2010 17:43 GMT senna3
Thank you Nancy.
Apr 22 2010 20:33 GMT 5712
Beautiful !!!
Apr 23 2010 05:09 GMT senna3
Thank you for the many nice comments 5712.
Apr 25 2010 05:48 GMT doramandragora
Such elegance and perfection. It's really impressive!
Apr 25 2010 05:52 GMT senna3
Thank you for the many nice comments Doris, very much appreciated!
Apr 25 2010 06:01 GMT Wildspirit PRO
There are a lot of Vietnamese art treasures located at the Vietnam Meditation Center off Chijuajua Canyon Road off S-79 between Vail Lake and Warner Springs, California. One is a 33-foot reclining Buddha. I have pictures...go to http://picasaweb.google.com/jpankey and look through the albums. You'll see them.
Apr 25 2010 06:20 GMT senna3
Wildspirit, I visited the Picasa site, but you have so many albums! In which album did you put the Buddha photos?