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An endless row of monks on their way to the Mahagandhayon Monastery
Myanmar (Burma), Amarapura, March 2012

The Mahagandhayon monastery is one of the largest teaching monasteries in Myanmar. During Buddhist Lent, as many as 1200 monks converge on this monastery, contributing to the religious atmosphere of Amarapura: http://www.asiaexplorers.com/myanmar/mahagandhayon_monastery.htm
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 29 2013 21:29 GMT 25barb
Splendid photo...some are so very young and I would assume that the color of the
robes desingate a place in the monastery such as the young student.
Well taken and well presented. love the deep rich colors of the older months with beautifuly colored towels.
Jan 29 2013 21:31 GMT wijnie58
Ik kan het niet beter zeggen in Engels zoals Barbara het verteld.
Wonderful capture, Peter...:-))
Jan 29 2013 21:48 GMT junne PRO
don't waste these precious images on a collage. they are each worth to be seen alone
Jan 29 2013 21:49 GMT Lie
so young and than witout you mam and dad.....I don't like it.....

Prestice is not everything, love a child when you can and I think this is not the right way....
Jan 29 2013 22:55 GMT Myshots
Beautiful shots...
Jan 29 2013 23:59 GMT martini957
Jan 30 2013 03:35 GMT hallo
Worth seeing ceremony..
Jan 30 2013 08:39 GMT senna3
Lie, in Burma you can quit any moment as a monk and also reenter the monastery as often as you want. Our guide told us that he tried several times to live as a monk, but finaaly decided to be a tourist guide. In Burma it is considered as part of your education to live for at least some time as a monk.
Jan 30 2013 08:52 GMT senna3
Thank you G√ľnther. I did consider to post them separately, but as they show a similar aspect of the ceremony, I thought it better to combine them in one entry.
Jan 30 2013 15:01 GMT bandsix
I, too, was thinking along the lines of Lie....and then I read the explanation you gave, so I feel better about it now!
Jan 30 2013 17:54 GMT elsje323
great ceremony shot
Jan 30 2013 18:31 GMT senna3
Thanks to all for viewing and the nice comments!
Jan 30 2013 20:35 GMT Papagena
Great idea to show them at the same time !!
Feb 07 2013 07:22 GMT senna3
Thank you Hunju.