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Myanmar (Burma), Ogre Island (Bilu island), March 2012

With this pick-up truck we visited several of the 64 "villages" of Ogre island. Most villages count only a few houses. People living there have never left the island.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 10 2012 07:35 GMT TinaRTiller
Loving the dusty colours in this... I totally want to go to Burma next year! :) Awesome photos.
Apr 10 2012 08:33 GMT bandsix
I like the roller blinds at the windows....:))
Apr 10 2012 09:22 GMT hallo
Interesting vehicle, well captured...do you ever put on weight Peter :)
Apr 10 2012 09:23 GMT happysnaper
Super shot and find Peter.
Apr 10 2012 10:18 GMT clintonfolks
great photo..
Apr 10 2012 12:31 GMT Squirrel PRO
BEAUTIFUL AND INTERESTING SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Apr 10 2012 13:49 GMT Lalbabu
A great experience of course!!!!
Apr 10 2012 13:59 GMT wijnie58
Great truck shot...:-))
Apr 10 2012 14:23 GMT HMBPA PRO
Interesting looking vehicle, however, I would imagine it wasn't the most comfortable ride you ever had. :-))
Apr 10 2012 15:24 GMT hans55 PRO
a nice way of transport !! :-)
Apr 10 2012 16:03 GMT peterpinhole
Must have been a great adventure just to ride in that truck!
Agree with TinaRTiller.
Apr 10 2012 16:52 GMT Myshots
Terrrific capture and touring vehicle...to visit all these villages....
Apr 10 2012 17:11 GMT Lie
Komt hier niet door de APK denk ik...
Beautiful image of an old truck,,,,,
Apr 10 2012 17:51 GMT charlie26
Interesting your comment. Nice entry.
Apr 10 2012 19:02 GMT martini957
Cool transportation
Apr 10 2012 20:01 GMT T1MELESS PRO
That is some mean form of transport. It looks quite uncomfortable Peter But a great photo !!
Apr 10 2012 20:17 GMT Adamus
Lovely find.
Apr 11 2012 00:36 GMT larrybenedict
My thinking was along the same lines as Harvey. Looks like a "bare bones" tour bus.
I agree with TIMELESS, it is a nice photo.
Apr 11 2012 05:19 GMT sini
Great image!:)
Apr 11 2012 05:56 GMT ujbanyiv
Great! Very Interesting Car..
Apr 11 2012 06:46 GMT senna3
A very good decision Tina! Burma is still very authentic, but tourism is now starting, so you should not wait too long for a visit!
Apr 11 2012 06:46 GMT senna3
Not yet Samir!
Apr 11 2012 06:48 GMT senna3
It was not very comfortable indeed HMBPA, not only the truck, but the poor roads made it worse!
Apr 11 2012 06:50 GMT senna3
That is true Larry, you had to protect your back carefully against the "bumping"!
Apr 11 2012 06:53 GMT senna3
Thank you all for the nice comments!
Apr 11 2012 12:43 GMT TinaRTiller
Apr 11 2012 23:30 GMT Studio88
Great Transportation! Awesome AAA+ Series ;-)