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Mahagandhayon Monastery
Myanmar (Burma), Amarapura, March 2012

Left: The first monks of the procession are in sight and the well-off people of Amarapura are ready to offer food to the monks.
Right: The monks have arrived.
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 30 2013 08:53 GMT marioalbertina
Interesting photos religious ceremony.
It 's very important religion in the countries of Southeast Asia! ..............
Jan 30 2013 09:00 GMT porph
Thanks to Buddhism Asian peoples are less arrogant with unreliable materialism which leads to obvious destruction, and that's enough to be a blessing.
Jan 30 2013 09:22 GMT 25barb
The series are most interesting...It is like one is sitting and watching a movie of a step by step ceremony. The notes are always wonderful...
What an experience you have had...
Superb work...
Jan 30 2013 10:09 GMT skyball
Again interesting shots Peter!!!!!......
Jan 30 2013 11:03 GMT Rocco
This series of Myanmar has been an extraordinary learning experience ! Thanks !
Jan 30 2013 14:34 GMT wijnie58
Great series of the Myanmar..Peter..:-))
Jan 30 2013 14:38 GMT hans55 PRO
these religious ceremony's are great to watch ... we have seen that at Bali too !!
Jan 30 2013 15:45 GMT Bellavista
You have been there in the right time! Great series Peter!
Jan 30 2013 18:32 GMT senna3
Thanks to all for viewing and the nice comments!
Jan 30 2013 19:20 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Another fascinating series, and superb photography as always!
Jan 30 2013 20:37 GMT Papagena
Thanks a lot for this interesting and colourful report Peter !!
Jan 31 2013 04:19 GMT junne PRO
i cannot agree on this take on arrogance. if you have never seen the arrogance of the nouveau riche around here, you have simply missed the boat. yes, the devoted are humble, but not the rest of the well off.
Jan 31 2013 14:08 GMT senna3
G√ľnther, my photos are just a report of what we have seen on our trips. It doesn't mean that I agree with everything that is shown in the pictures!
I certainly agree with you that what is shown in this picture is a form of arrogance of the well-off people in Burma, but I always try to write the captions of my photos in an objective way!
By the way, our guide tolds us that monks will never say thank you to the people who offer them food or money. They consider it as a natural thing!